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hulianwang· 2017-08-07 15:14:31

Xuanyuan legend hand travel blood League wage adjustment introduced, blood League salary is the entire league of the welfare of the public, in the game is a very important system, the game after the renovation of the blood League wages were optimized adjustment. I believe there are many small partners is not very clear. Next, Xiaobian brought you the blood League wage new algorithm detailed.

blood wage adjustment in

1, wages are more precious: new blood blood money wages, can buy Gems, strengthen the jade phoenix feather and other rare props;

2, get more scientific: the overall goal of blood accumulation of wage based values according to the members of last week, according to the contribution payment of the corresponding number of wages;

3 detailed description:

1) a week to complete the corresponding blood blood, can accumulate basic wage;

2) the number of participation in the activities of the more blood within the union, the base salary is higher;

3) members according to last week's contribution rating, according to rating and proportion to receive wages;

4) members to participate in more activities, contribution the more the better

rating; these are small as the entire contents of blood Mobile Games Xuanyuan legend bring the wage adjustment !

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