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hulianwang· 2017-08-07 15:14:32

TFBOYS has now grown up, recalled the debut four years ago when the innocent face, people can not help but sigh, only three many users also lamented, this four years, they have to follow, only to go down through the I wish you a happy voyage. Last night, three only fit again to celebrate the debut 4th anniversary blessing at the same time, micro-blog wrote: "we are four years old"! The tfboys 4th anniversary concert will be held in Nanjing. Would you like to see the tfboys 4th anniversary concert live? Xiao Bian provides tfboys 4th anniversary concert HD live, TFBOYS has grown up now, TFBOYS is already four years old, want to see, tfboys 4th anniversary concert video full return visit it? Pay attention to this station.

watch live address: the upcoming


8 13 TFBOYS 4th anniversary concert, will be third times on the LiveMusic video Tencent TFBOYS Anniversary Concert live. Prior to this, Tencent video LiveMusic was on 2015 TFBOYS FANS TIME, and 2016 TFBOYS 3rd Anniversary users will be broadcast live. These two live break the first day of network booking, the total number of network reservations, live online number and other records, is still located in Tencent video LiveMusic daily broadcast list top 4. As the first online concert video broadcast platform, Tencent with prospective industry keen on music online, insight into the different needs of music lovers, planning and packaging precision, real-time, and through the barrage Tucao, flowers and other forms of interaction, finally obtained many stars and friends favor. Congratulations to


three, I hope you further down the road width.

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