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2017 Jacky Cheung concert live video playback 2017 Jacky Cheung concert live video

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classic therefore worthy of the name, lies in strength. Recognized as the king of the scene, singing and stage performance of Jacky Cheung has been in the breakthrough and reaches the sublimation, Xueyou classic world tour concert will give us wonderful live and how wonderful? Xiaobian to share 2017 Jacky Cheung concert live broadcast, and 2017 Jacky Cheung concert live video playback.

alumni - Classic World Tour Concert wonderful watch live address:


since his debut, Jacky Cheung hit hundreds of famous songs and hundreds of millions of people all over the world tour of individual songs, accumulated more than 610 games, a record total sales exceeded 60 million, a total of more than 260 blocks of music awards. The United States has been included in the "50" Time, one of Asia's most influential, won the United States Billboard as "the most popular Asian artist", has won the world music award "the world's most popular singer in Asia" and "best selling Chinese singer"...... The tour began in 2011 in the 1/2 century, Jacky Cheung is completed 146 performances in 18 months, once again hit a new record number under Chinese singer single concert tour, and with a total of 12 months 2048553 audience broke the Guinness world record. The exhibition "Classic" not only symbolizes Jacky Cheung created numerous miracles for Chinese music, but also represents his hope that this concert day can also be a "classic", can stay in your heart.


new A CLASSIC TOUR alumni classic World Tour Concert set sail, one of the classic, four taiwan. After

Jacky Cheung himself also said that this is 1995, after a lapse of 20 years "-", but also jokes that when some fans may not be born, and now he was holding a "temporary fight" mentality, after all, four Taiwan need manual. In addition to the

LED overwhelming, create a 360 degree three-dimensional four Taiwan, with 32 people and a large orchestra Orchestra team, with 30 professional dancers and acrobats, the interpretation of the "song of God" in Jacky Cheung's 40 classic songs, each song with the situation of ups and downs, production specifications to a world level. Show the wonderful picture Xueyou in mind, the perfect combination of visual and auditory collocation, 10 sets of costumes.

in addition, "the classmate classic" concert also contain the tears on the spot to users called classic interactive link.

Jacky Cheung's "soulful interpretation of her to come to my concert", the cameraman will capture the scene a couple of shots, when a pair of lovers fans shot appeared on the scene LED on the main screen, and the atmosphere warm boiling. ShenZhen Railway Station, the camera swept the audience, the oldest audience, the grandmother immediately in the old man's cheeks peck a, the audience boiling! An old couple has become the attention of the whole stage more lucky, their kissing photos to show sand. In the end, Jacky Cheung presented them with a portrait of the old couple as a gift and kept the word "everlasting" as a blessing.

"love is regardless of age, gender, and can always be accompanied by an easy thing, and I hope everyone here can be happy."!" Jacky Cheung such emotional expression of this link.

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