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LEON RANDOM RUN 2017 "dawn concert" - the first stop in Guangzhou from Guangzhou in August this year, 11 years and 12 days, will be held "Chinese dawn King Tour" first show at the Guangzhou international sports and entertainment center, and fans meeting. Xiaobian provide dawn 2017 concert Guangzhou Railway Station and 2017 full live concert video playback

dawn dawn 2017 new tour " RandomRun" new poetic songs sing Shenzhen
set sail in September he, Hongkong is one of the four kings, he is only at the " & quot; brother Leslie Cheung; the most popular male singer, his album was three at the same time to enter the ranks of the top ten sales. He is still scripts hand, is " silly white sweet " is the king of the king, but there are so many tags are wiped out, he in everyone's mind " first love " identity.

he's everybody's " first love " dawn.

this time, at dawn with his new tour, " RandomRun" will land in Shenzhen in September; let every " first love " no more waiting!

dawn 2017 concert in Guangzhou Railway Station will watch live address: http://www.tiejiong.com


" that one day you don't want to "
" I took a little sad affection / many words are still not speaking / Bie Yaoyuan / sad for mediastinal miss each other for farewell wish...... ", "the dawn of this classic" that one day do not want you "popular so far more than twenty years, whether at the beginning of the release, or now, this song is still lingering in the minds of many people.
this time, fans are no longer hard to expect, in September 2017, a new round of dawn tour " RandomRun" in Shenzhen, the new sail, September 9th spring cocoon stadium, will be a poem like night.
": will you come tonight, "
" will you come tonight? / your love is still there?...... " how many songs are popular? Even if you just see the lyrics, the exit has been familiar with the melody sing. Yes, the dawn is with such charm, that he was born a poet, his behavior between with a touch of melancholy, sing more touching. Perhaps these unique temperament of the dawn, let everyone go to dawn.

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