Foreign "dragon and Tiger Fight: Tigers kill Faker playing with the same!

Abroad dragon and tiger tiger lol

tuwanwang· 2016-05-06 11:38:09

Azuile:CLG too TM strong! They yesterday almost will win the RNG! You, poor and that? - A - point!


Blue_crabs:SKT really not the Kui is the champion team, mid backward 10000 economy actually can forcibly dragged to 60 minutes, but in the end still have to congratulate the RNG!

DragonMoonCake: is indeed very exciting game! Personally feel that RNG late hit point too steady, but understandable, after all, the other is SKT committed any small mistake will they caught the opportunity.

Wasabi_kitty: let RNG get such a big advantage, replaced by another team of 25 minutes on the end of the.

Bojuric: this proves that RNG has a very thorough study of SKT, rather than one of our team, is to travel.

turtleonfire: my God, I hope this game means a powerful LPL back! Even if not in other areas, at least there are people to challenge LCK!

A_Wild_Blue_Card:Mata tau formal God exists, the tree is not playing Looper still, her kill Faker Xiaohu playing with the same, Mlxg and Wuxx operation of the two strikers really played a ton of injuries, RNG well done!

Qrreac:RNG this road is really the textbook tactics teaching, success of the SKT Faker to G2 Faker.

Opica: This is faker second because the enchantress and lost the race. The

Tunart:Faker czar 0-6-4 used are not. This is why SKT must need Easyhoon.

Tha_Hama: so that those who say to eat something before the game, gambling point where people have to go

LoL_Razzer:Faker this should choose a dead song, so that he can be a second after the point of doing things.

EpicRussia:RNG really is doing a lot of research and sensory ember of Tamm restraint effect is very obvious, in the outbreak of the wave after Tam to protect their retreat, at this time the ember can the ultimate perfect keep two people.

CreatIp: I can't wait to see G2 RNG! Wonderful play

AzureDragon013:RNG! Although late wave let SKT got the central highlands tower and the great dragon, but at least you can see to the execution of the RNG is very high, said hit, said on troop withdrawal, the RNG is a real team.

Voltage97: China's MSI buff stop SKT

GoDyrusGo: Royal spent 2 older time against the SKT, now only need to half of the SSW players can do.

-ThatGuyInHD: if you can't beat them, then buy!

SUPERTHROWCREW: tiger played like a beast!

Nettzor:SKT a blow export to South Korea Monte twitter no......

Bnazigi: I really feel RNG is intentional, the strategies and tactics better play a huge advantage, but dragged off to 60 minutes again that I play also stronger than you! Congratulations in RNG!

jxth005622: group phase played finals!

GameBoy09: this game let me start thinking about CLG and SKT battle, I mean CLG and RNG can be said to be a hit come back, this is not to say that CLG has a certain the opportunity. Of course I admit that this is a RNG to play better, in short, come on.

frenchy9205: big brothers have, I think, although SKT lost but still can see they are very good, this MSI finals will be exciting duel!

Tyling: a picture tell you faker today in several waves of the battle group:

Yodyodyodod: don't blow not black, I feel Xiaohu is now the best the enchantress users, even if there are other single at the hero, the face of SKT could not have such a good play. Play the

RNGDoombang: Thank RNG. Now the results look CLG and SKT is a grade team! < expert comments

FFMirhi: I don't want to believe SKT lost, but this is really become the fact...

RiotZephyreal:Bang Roh Zion is really bad, but his other teammate apparently failed to keep pace his level.

RiotQuickshot (fist official Commentary): cool map control and tactical decision making. Compared with yesterday, in the duel with RNG SKT shows the strength is entirely two grades.

RiotJatt (fist official Analyst): I really believe that RNG has a 10 chance to end the game before the last wave.

MonteCristo (famous Han Chui):Renegades team CS:GO game is in the process! Let's look at this game!

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