The ancient palace maid why difficult to marry the maid most often what disease?

The maid

qulishi· 2017-08-07 15:23:13

in the history of various dynasties, replaced by the imperial court sent a large number of personnel, the people to choose the good local beauty, age more than 13 below 20, choose into the palace, if the emperor's favourite fortunately, did not get the emperor's favor, his age at the age of six to twenty-five, where can out married .


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woman to 56 years old, is exactly the woman birth of the golden age, according to the truth, they can give birth to the child, but it did not, which most women can't bear, why is no one of the provisions of the palace hall.

maids and eunuchs, are inferior, imagine a young woman in the palace life for ten years, but also from time to time with the masters of temper, fear of doing wrong things into a dead end. Every day, tired and very careful, long time of oppression, the maid body is destroyed, the destruction of them is suffering from a disease, a disease called "blood stasis".

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