Glory 9 discovered a new color grandma ash after another explosion

Glory exposure fashion apple

ITzhijia· 2017-08-07 16:08:30

glory brand has always been synonymous with young fashion, from the beginning of glory 8, but also can rely on color can make headlines on the rhythm. The glory of 9 invited national male god Hu Ge platform, jointly launched the "Granny gray color, it became the fashion of beach goers of the street.

9 "glory grandma gray color

about trends in mobile phone color, it would have to mention big apple. The previous situation was "Apple led, eight party imitation."". This apple is well versed in technology to shedding the company, aimed at the business opportunities launched a tyrant gold, rose gold, bright black color and a variety of explosion models. As the country's most compatible manufacturers, the most youthful glory, how can you be willing to be "lead"?


in a variety of colors glory both mirror design glory 8 times, or the glory of V9's "red and blue CP", after the launch quickly become the object of imitation of the friends of the business. And the glory of 9 launch of the "grandma grey color, is becoming a critical section, maxed out the circle of friends and micro-blog, once again lead the new wave of mobile phone color, it is said that virtually also increased the number of sales of Oh grandma grey hair.

9 primrose yellow color glory

today, the Internet has exposed a new yellow color of the glory of 9 primrose photos, netizens exclamation "the color bar eye, but I love good! "Primrose yellow color with the colorful glass surface, so don't know whether the new color bright grandma and ash, again stir the fashion circle?

" in addition to primrose yellow, the exposure of the new color is red and orange, fans say that this is the glory of 9 "Macarons package". Think carefully about the full rounded shape and bright color, with really swept the world Macarons dessert is a really similar. From the past two years, the development of mobile color matching, a few years ago, hot gold, black, has been unable to meet the tastes of young people. Growing up, and gradually become mainstream consumer groups of 90 and even after 00, "different", "self-expression" and other labels became their key words.

as a high value + high configuration flagship model, glory 9 this time a few colors are very beautiful. Primrose yellow color of this exposure is full of literary flavor, bright colors, and the contemporary young people personality, personality publicity, the courage to break the normal procedure will be sought after and agree without prior without previous consultation, believe that the love of young people.

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