Who is the biggest economic power in the world? These countries are voted for China

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36ke· 2017-08-07 17:24:06

since the 1989 collapse of the Berlin wall, the United States will make its undisputed economic superpower status.

however, although it seems that the United States is still enjoying this glory, it can not be ignored that the balance of the world economic power has slowly tilted towards a strong rising china. According to the

in February this year, the World Bank report released data, the United States and the two countries have China 23% of the world's population, GDP together accounted for 39% of the global share, while the expected, the two countries will for the world economy in the next few years the growth contribution of 53% strength. The question of

comes: in the eyes of people all over the world, who are the "masters" of the world economy in these two countries?

for this reason, the American Research Institute, Pugh Research Center, conducted a survey in 38 countries in the middle of July. According to the overall survey, 42% of the average population recognized the economic hegemony of the United States, and 32% of them voted for china.

" from the distribution point of view, Canada, Australia and most European countries (France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and the UK) were more likely to agree China economic power status.

" at the same time, most people in South America and African countries are more inclined to think that the United States is the world's largest economy.

" is interesting, China "neighbors" South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries more recognition of the economic power of the United states.

" there is no doubt that the Sino US economic strength generally gained worldwide recognition, but there are some controversy about who is stronger. According to the Pugh Research Center, this kind of scale of balance has been fluctuating in recent years. On the whole, America's major trading partners are becoming less accepting of its economy. Since the world economic crisis more than 10 years ago, some countries in the European Union are increasingly inclined to believe that China is the dominant force in the world economy.

" in Sino US economic recognition in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Britain's fluctuation of

addition, the survey also found that, in some countries, the dominant power of the younger generation is more inclined to recognize China economy. The polarization in this view is prominent in Britain, where 62% of Britain's younger generation (18-29) voted to China, while only 38% of the people over the age of 50 voted for china. In addition to Britain, other countries (such as Australia, Canada, Russia, Holland, France) also have this polarization phenomenon.

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