The two generation star gene strong, long legged guards

Christy Chung Chingmy Yau Lu Yi Wang Zhonglei

tengxunyule· 2017-08-07 18:30:28

Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (text / unvoiced) recently, Simon Yam wife Qiqi in micro-blog drying out a group of her daughter's legs photos, photos, as Qingjia was wearing a vest and denim shorts, a pair of long leg guards. Obviously, the 13 year old Ren Qingjia inherited good genes models mother, small age already was very tall. The entertainment circle has long legs guards star two generation is not in the minority, they inherited strong genetic parents, is the "leggy goddess" reserve army.

" [Yao Ming 7 year old daughter height equal to 160] "little giant" the title of Yao Ming, the daughter of the nature is not ordinary people than the height. Recently, in Hongkong stadium 2017 Yao Foundation Charity event, Yao Ming with his wife Yerry and daughter Yao Qinlei attended the match together. The 7 year old Yao Qinlei has long legs amazing, has to stand up to the shoulder close to Yerry, almost equal to 160 cm height.

[Wang Zhonglei's daughter Yan high often Sun long legs] Wang Zhonglei family as the daughter of Wang Wen, on the social networking site is very active, often sun shine, in addition to a variety of customers, but also with long legs. Wang Wen also travel, often dressed with shorts and slippers, but can take the advantage of long legs show.

" [Lu Yi a powerful gene Belle's legs were long and thin] Lu Yi and Bao Lei is the entertainment of the legs couples, two human genes also perfectly inherited her daughter. In "daddy go" performance is the color of the big daughter belle is peers "benchmark" long legs, not only fine and straight, hash join goddess wannabees.

[Chingmy Yau] mother daughter slender legs do not lose Chingmy Yau's 15 year old daughter Shen Yue in the social network out of beauty photos, photos of the Shen month with long hair, eyebrow Yu between reveal a woman, especially a pair of long legs very suction eye, like my mother. Two daughters and mothers were photographed on the streets, and they were full of stars. They were interpreted as strength: "I grew up to be you."! "

[Christy Chung mother and daughter like foot long legs.] Christy Chung's daughter in" koalas because Daddy where young koala "became popular, not only color value is high, but also very sensible, lovable character. Now, the koala, 7, has faded and become a "cool girl"". Her height also showed an amazing increase, already over her mother's shoulder, a properly fitted little leg goddess.

" [female eighteen daughter Li Yong legs value high] 14 year old Yan Fatimah, father Li Yong and mother height approximation, the stand height is not. High nose face standard, plus guards long legs, has completely faded when Fatimah sentimental appearance, morphing into a small beauty.

" [tall, eyes will laugh at Donnie Yen's daughter, the United States turned tough] Donnie Yen, in front of the wife and daughters but to show the infinite tenderness. His daughter Jiru Zhen inherited mother Wang Shishi model gene, was only 13 years old already very tall, smile and mother almost looks very attractive as like as two peas, sweet.

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