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< p > banned in cosmetics, makeup every day overturned; cut and waist long hair for Aunt hair; high-heeled shoes, shoes every day; nail polish lipstick not coated, loose clothing & hellip; & hellip; look in the mirror, so himself, who can with the old beautiful contact? To become pregnant women, how to continue to do an elegant woman? < p > hemp, advanced elegant pregnant Mammy, in addition to the fashionable dress and exquisite makeup, and these courses can help you become a fashion hot mom oh. Dressed in beautiful clothes

look at the entertainment news, star pregnancy birth can headlines today, pregnant belly photos is gossip

one, do a good job in weight management. The most intuitive performance is a pregnancy is fat don't call "grounded" and called "sacrifice"; birth moment thin not only "hate", will become the envy of all objects. What do you want to be? Source of

scientific pregnancy weight control, you can according to their BMI values, making a pregnancy weight management table, ready to "control" their own weight, fighting for control in the ideal range, so to you for your baby is good.

"col" > - BMI (kg/ m) the total weight (kg) late pregnancy weight growth rate of the average range (kg/ weeks)
weighing less than <18.512.5-180.51 (0.44-0.58)
18.5-24.911.5-160.42 (0.35-0.50)
standard weight overweight 25.0-29.97-11.50.28 (0.23-0.33)
&ge 305-90.22 (0.17-0.27) obesity;
< /th> pregnancy BMI (kg / square meters) overall body weight growth range (kg)
underweight <18.517-25
standard weight 18.5-24.914-23
overweight 25.0-29.9 11-19
obesity ≥ 3011-19

1. does not increase anti drop during the first trimester of pregnancy (0-3 months) < pregnant mother is in a period of morning sickness reaction, then do not have too much to control weight, diet as long as can eat can, but don't eat too much, especially fried, high calorie foods. Mid pregnancy

2. steadily rising (4-6 months) < p > pay attention to nutrition balanced, now don't blindly disorderly eat and eat and also do not forget to exercise, don't spend lazy Oh, careful weight quietly climbed up to. At the same time, complications were also "report" Oh. Growth

3. excess weight rapidly in the third trimester of pregnancy (7-9 months)

60% are soaring in the third trimester, in addition because of the birth of the baby body important parts have grown, at this time, pregnant mammy diet to pay attention to "less and fine". At this time, the weight growth of pregnant Mommy should be controlled at about 500g per week.

second, do a good job in skin care, do not do Huanglian Po

pregnancy skin care, aged 13 years, to do a good skin care, also how do beautiful pregnant mother. During pregnancy, the basis of skin care, or can not fall, or pregnant joy after the is a variety of skin problems of the troubled, then is really regret. Class= img_box "

1. "content_img_p" to the skin good, first of all good nutrition. < p > expectant mothers during pregnancy should eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as citrus, strawberry, such as fruits and vegetables, should also eat more rich in vitamin B6, milk or other dairy products. Of course in addition to from the diet supplement nutrition during pregnancy can also eat some nutrition, and can meet the expectant mother and baby to a variety of nutritional needs, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals required for pregnant women, can promote the development of health care during pregnancy and baby's health.

2. should adhere to makeup, light maintenance.

expectant mothers during pregnancy is best to avoid make-up, use too much make-up products will increase the burden on the skin. Mothers should try to choose not to stimulate the ingredients, no alcohol and spices moisturizing products, that is, people often say that the basis of class maintenance products, etc..

3. do a good job in sun care, reduce skin pigmentation deepened.

although the color change during pregnancy will automatically disappear, but also can take some safety measures to avoid the sun's damage in order to reduce the extent of skin pigmentation deepened. Sunscreen is essential to the maintenance of pregnant mother homework. Say a white cover three ugly, especially pregnant a lot of skin care products can not be used, coupled with the sun, radiation, haze will increase the skin problems, so pregnant women is imperative.

· pregnant mammy commonly used sunscreen skills: < to avoid strong sunlight time out; (2) always carry an umbrella; third daily adequate intake of vitamin C; (4) before going out to use toner and lotion to add moisture to the skin; the sun promptly with moisturizing skin care products to repair.

three, do a good job managing emotions, cultivate elegant life attitude

as we all know, pregnant mammy because influence factors by hormonal changes, physical changes, family of pregnant women too concerned about or don't care, family economic status, work pressure, the mood will be more unstable, such as variable temper, irritability, love cry, heavy psychological anxiety, often feel angry and so on. So, to be a beautiful and elegant mother of pregnancy, pregnancy management is one of the good mood. < p > when you lose your mind, maybe you can do:

· anxiety transfer < in bad mood really unable to distraction, to leave the situation to make ourselves unhappy, to do something you like to do, like singing, reading, hiking, and painting etc., their emotions by problems turn pleasant.

· friends method < alone tends to make people unhappy, best method is yourself to the life circle of friends, to fully enjoy the friendship of joy, infected with positive emotions, from in get psychological satisfaction and comfort.

· natural healing < Law of nature is best friends, often to nature to go for a walk, listen to the birds, smell the flowers, make oneself eliminate intense sentiment, so feel more comfortable.

· self change law

beautify their self-confidence, may wish to change their image, and sometimes a new clothes, a new hairstyle can make themselves feel the beauty of life. < [editor's note: in a word, to make yourself a little more, in order to let your baby a little more healthy, quasi Mommy must think of a way to turn the hearts of the haze swept, let pregnancy along the way a good mood. Beautiful and elegant is not difficult at all, pregnant and will not be covered by your beauty, as long as you have a little delicate.

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