Still Tucao "Sansheng III"? It also has 300 million large sums of money

Movies Ali Sansheng III ten li peach blossom US dollars

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cannot read the story, high Yan value actor "paralysis", IP movie "sansei III ten peach" was released less than a day, Tucao sound, watercress movie 45.7% were given a star with the lowest net score is only 5.5 points in time. Some viewers even said it was one of the worst films of the year.

is similar to the "Tomb notes" "Wu kongzhuan", "ten peach" III in the well-known IP adaptation of the torrent of bad. However, the quality of the film in the end, the one thousand eyes, there are one thousand Hamlett. The polarization of word of mouth is common in today's domestic commercial films, which does not necessarily affect its box office performance. And the box office has broken 3 billion yuan of the "wolf 2" with gallants, as of August 7th 21 PM, "III. ten peach" released 5 days at the box office over 448 million yuan.

" is the most important piece of domestic box office income, but the dominant party is not satisfied with this Ali pictures. Before and after the release of the film, Ali pictures are doing a major event for the future - authorized "Sansheng III, ten li peach blossom" related derivatives sales. According to Ali pictures official data, the film has just been on the line, estimated derivatives sales have exceeded 300 million!

confirms Disney derivatives sales fiery "she economy" by "seven

Tang childe III. ten peach" is a well-known Internet novel, which entered the 2016 Chinese IP value list network literature list top10. The novel adaptation of the TV series of the same name in early 2017 aired a huge success, the amount of network play broken 40 billion, contributed 300 million yuan revenue Chupin huace.

led the development of Ali Pictures film version, which make the film from the beginning of the preparations to reveal the gene of the Internet, two film starring Yang Yang, Liu Yifei, Yan high value is through the network to vote, but also by pictures of Ali Ali big data analysis of consumer environment, the depth of mining business value of IP film.

Ali pictures found some interesting phenomena in the pre consumer survey of the movie derivatives, "III. ten peach" the female audience as high as 75%, is three times that of men, the young users under the age of 30 accounted for 55%. Over 35 years of age accounted for 32%; more than 1 million 180 thousand fans around the average Taobao more than 1 hours.

for this, Ali pictures in the first half of the film line on the targeted IP commercial operation.

Ali pictures IP commercial integrated development senior director Dong Fang said, "we do a whole

slogan (logo), have complete design guidelines for all businesses, and according to the" ten peach "III theme, the development of wind, wind, water ink cartoon only Meifeng different styles, provide a reference for the business development of derivatives. "

" in Tmall search "" multi class III related derivatives (Tmall

screenshot) half the time, commercial film "III. ten authorized peach flower" covering Tmall in ten industries, including apparel, beauty food, beverage, department stores and other more than 60 brands to join Home Furnishing. The first day of the film, the box office nearly 160 million yuan, derivatives sales also ushered in surprise, Ali pictures said: "the film just on-line, we estimated sales turnover has more than 300 million.". "Most of these

derivatives price than the movie tickets expensive, such as carved peach pattern and" Sansheng "and" III "words to comb, the price is 132 yuan, a bottle of perfume III version of the price of 228 yuan … &hellip

" III. ten peach "authorized clothing (Tmall

screenshot)" III ten peach "derivatives sales, confirms the Hollywood movie derivatives originator Disney is optimistic about the direction of development. Disney believes that the future direction of derivatives, in addition to intelligent life and health unrest, "her economy" is more important. In its previous survey, Chinese young women spend as much as $1000 a month on fashion spending.

Ouyang Dedong, vice president Disney also talked about the creative: 91% Chinese women contribute to the family income, there are 62% with your spouse to support the family; 86% of women with family expenses control ability; 79% can make a family budget and decision … … all of these data showed that the "female money era", "feminism power" and "the goddess of consumption" era.

"custom wine drunk peach sales is not wrong, because many buyers said" III ten peach "to buy (Tmall screenshot)

derivatives of higher profits a China film market" blue ocean "

domestic films IP commercial operation, especially the development of derivatives, the little success. In the "third generation III ten li peach blossom" before the release of animated cartoon in 2016

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