The wolf 2 box office approaching 3 billion 200 million, Wu Jingbing front to defeat Stephen Chow

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cangyangtiyulewang· 2017-08-08 11:53:40


" is the wolf 2 directed by Wu Jing, war, military action movies. The story is about the cold front of the lowest point in life, trying to live on the sea, but involved in an insurgency in African countries. The film was released only 11 days in mainland China, yesterday's box office record of 422 million, the cumulative box office 3 billion 155 million. "Wolf 2" to the "Mermaid" 3 billion 300 million champion at the box office, up to two days to catch up. Take "1" the wolf once said the dismal box office Comrades, instantly mute, we did not react, "wolf 2" ow a ~ ~ broke through the night, leading the audience's patriotic passion surging.



[my first time in the cinema last moment together to clap, heard that there are games directly to sing the National Anthem], the wolf has become a strong theme, even see [no] wolf became friends when asked recently. In the word of mouth burst, "wolf 2" box office all the way to become the domestic movie box office champion stride forward singing militant songs, point the day and await for it. According to the relevant accounting rules, only in accordance with the "wolf 2" box office 3 billion yuan rough calculation, Wu Jing and his team of more than 900 million yuan income. "Wolf 2" is meaning


, fully tap the military theme movie market space. There is a scene can make people applaud the National Anthem "2" movie called the wolf, a man named Wu Jing unremittingly. If you have not been recently "wolf 2" Shuabing then you OUT, the wolf has become a phenomenon. One day the wolf, the wolf is lifelong!

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