Deep sea sword Lu Yitao rank, how is the captain? Lu Yitao class why than it?

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" deep sword directed by Zhao Baogang, Wang Yang, Wang Qiang, Gao Minrui, Liu Lu, Xu Yang, Jin Yu Bo, Wang Jiayu starred in the TV series "90th anniversary gifts to celebrate army sword" is hit in the deep sea. This military theme TV series is based on the advanced deeds of 372 submarine hero groups, showing the battle life of our modern navy strength and the new era submarine soldiers. The scene in which the men were sworn in in uniform, was really handsome, and the fire fighter noticed that Lu Yitao's rank was not the same as the others. The same T program, Lu Yitao's rank is captain, while the other T program students are lieutenants. So, deep sea sword Lu Yitao rank is captain? Lu Yitao class why higher than other students? Next, love Fuqing nets Xiaobian for everyone to bring relevant introduction. How deep is the rank of captain Lu Yitao


? There are many problems in the hit TV series at the same time, Lu Yitao in the school because of the computational aspects of the talent is digging into the submarine force, but in the process of training but he has problems and become T's drag. Faced with such a big gap, Lu Yitao is not very clear, but he is the problem constantly. Later, with the help of Jin Qing, all this was due to the psychological problems caused by his experiences.

in the latest story, there are a lot of them wearing professional uniforms, the attentive audience found that the same program is t students, Lu Yitao's rank is different from the others.

back when gold sunny to schools to recruit Lu Yitao, he has a deep understanding in computing, was master, while others are undergraduate or other, this is so, Lu Yitao ranks higher than them is tracked.

how about the rank of captain Lu Yitao in the deep sea sword? Why is Lu Yitao higher than other students?

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