Deciphering: what ancient history does the ancient country in the western regions have?

What is the history of the West night country? What is the Western night country like?

tiejionglishizhengli· 2017-08-08 12:01:58

West night, the name of ancient Western regions. The distribution area of the West night is on the East Bank of Hedong river. Genus Di and qiang.

the "Han West night's biography" contains: "West China, Wang Haozi, the king of the night for Hu Jian gu. Go to Changan Wanerbaiwushi, three hundred and fifty, four thousand, thousands of people will win. Northeast to protect the legacy five thousand and forty-six, East and southwest and Wu Cha Pishan and Shache to the north and West and by Li po. Li Po, and no other country all night class Xi lei. West night and Hu Qiang, the class for China, with livestock by water contact."


is the night in West Silk Road South, small, also known as sand drift. Location in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Yecheng County, Yecheng County southwest of U Charles Bash said the country is located. In the Western Han Dynasty King Hu Jian gu. There are 4000 people, more than 350 households, the idea that 1000 people. Ethnic and Qiang people. The economy is mainly nomadic, and the real estate is jade. The population of thousand people, households increased to 2500, the idea that up to 3000 people. The country is divided into two parts: the West night and the son. At the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was broken by Shache, and by the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty was Shule. When the Northern Wei Dynasty, the name of the country was changed again". The Tang Dynasty called "Zhu Jubo" or "Zhu Ju?", national strength and development, has the Po Liguo annexed the Pamirs, if China and other nations in germany. The royal family of Shule, Yutian similar language and language.

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