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liumeitiwang· 2016-05-06 12:45:51

in July last year, Iqiyi has hosted a summit of the VR, a lot of time VR professionals and related manufacturers; in May 5th this year, Iqiyi once again held the "Iqiyi world -iVR+ global rash and too much in haste virtual reality conference", and will be officially released in the iVR+ virtual reality product suite, start the VR ecological incentive plan, the first comprehensive implementation of VR in the 10 high IP, open the top 100 IP game development cooperation, with 300 partners to create the world's largest Chinese VR ecosystem, within the next 12 months to assist the domestic VR hardware manufacturers and common development of the 10 million VR users.

stream media network reporter to visit the site, have to say the assembly specifications is really high, site control is very strict, everywhere security or staff, at the entrance of the main venue of the basic station 8 staff estimated the situation but also to those who want to sneak into the site of prohibitive. So reporters very cherish the approach of opportunity, for VR experience area basically turns to experience. Finally, accompanied by products experience.

Iqiyi outlook on the world -- feelings, innovation, open standard,

conference before the opening, Iqiyi founder, CEO Dr. Gong Yu made the opening speech, he about Iqiyi's view of the world.

feelings , iqiyi to do a feelings of business, should be geared to the needs of industry in all social groups, through iqiyi who provide Huan, youth, sunshine, is energy and caring family.

innovation , iqiyi do a lot of innovation, including technology, products, business models, such as all kinds of innovation. Business model, iqiyi has been advocated for paying customers. This business model to the overall business model richer and fairer. In addition to the future VR will be mixed games and movies, there are a variety of imagination of technology innovation, watching the way of innovation, to create a new form of work.

standard . Speaking from the angle of enterprise and industry, the industry in too many areas still belongs to the disordered phase, we need to do some work in the standard. Iqiyi to do with the angle of enterprise, do some things for the industry standard.

open , Internet is a public network and Internet technology as the core in an IP industry or the media industry iqiyi, the core must is open. Open and involves multiple aspects of terminal, content, platform, iqiyi hope with all can see the video terminal to cooperate.

and he said recently in the field of VR investment outlet heady, but a platform company relative lack. Iqiyi will from the film and game entry of the VR market, the hope can through from content production to distribution network, broadcast content, social interaction and other aspects of the, forming VR open and complete industrial chain layout, make the virtual reality can truly universal, become everyone can enjoy the convenience of the new concept of shadow and high-quality game experience. At the same time, he talked about iqiyi will open with VR industry upstream and downstream enterprises launched a number of large-scale cooperation, as soon as possible to create a strong and healthy Chinese virtual reality ecosystem.

three VR + three VR incentive plan definition VR ecological

in the conference site, Iqiyi senior vice President Duan bridge announced the official launch of the iVR+ product suite is three VR, the scene at the same time with many film and television, games and other content Enterprises to achieve cooperation, and to start the VR three major incentive plan. He said the current VR industry is in transition phase to the content, the market competition from the competition of software and hardware technology, global VR industry is badly in need of Opening Ecological platform activation industry, iqiyi want to through their own efforts and with other enterprises to work together to create the world's largest Chinese VR really ecological.

Iqiyi has three VR products, respectively, is designed for VR machine tailored panoramic theater APP, panorama game center APP, and Iqiyi APP VR dual mode and panorama area, at the same time these products to achieve the full support for the domestic mobile phone frame, VR one machine head and PC display all VR devices.

in the VR contents, iqiyi take an open, cooperative and win-win development strategy. Meeting, iqiyi pictures announced with the country's top 3D production company agile force reached a strategic cooperation, will jointly make Asia's first multi screen interactive VR movies "mean iron fist", who had at the end of 2015 in production when the box office champion "Xunlong tactic." It is reported that the "despicable iron fist" will be Chinese first attempt VR fantasy genre photography and special combination.

at the same time, iqiyi site also announced with China Authority Financial Media Group Caijing magazine, travel and lifestyle media" Yue Yu ", China's largest performance sports ticket platform barley net, global best golf PGA tour beauty tour tournament, China's largest VR platform panoramic pictures 720YUN etc. high quality content reached a strategic cooperation.

worth mentioning is iqiyi also with the China Radio and television network Co., Ltd. to create a Joint National Cable Network VR platform and VR channel, the establishment of real VR content delivery network. Reportedly soon iqiyi on-line massive concert, concert, tourism, sports, comedy, live VR video site vertical field and market segments, to provide more rich and colorful content services for VR users in China. At present, iqiyi has at home and abroad including video, games, hardware, including more than 300 strategic partners, become at present most heavyweights of the VR platform connecting China and, this number is still growing fast in.

VR /span>

the Iqiyi announced the launch of the VR ecological incentive plan, focus on television and high IP content development, and is expected to eventually cover over ten million Chinese VR core users. First is to open 10 IP video self-control, the VR produced into iqiyi based video production process; followed by 100 IP cooperative games, let startups and studio zero cost to enter the field of VR game. Finally, it is to VR hardware enterprises together to work together, to sell 10 million VR hardware helmet within the next 12 months, the development of 10 million Chinese VR user.

Iqiyi will open its own platform resources, give full play to the content and network advantage, provide IP resources, joint production, VR content, and content providers show, such as the promotion of all-round support, provide the content, for the VR hardware manufacturers marketing promotion, sales and operations support. The series is planned to be carried by the iVR+ virtual reality platform, providing a very attractive benefit sharing, revenue sharing business model and monetization services. IVR+ virtual reality platform is by far the largest in the country covering technology products, content operations, hardware marketing and business model of VR open ecosystem.

surprises VR experience

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reporter on the scene experience iqiyi released three products, Samsung experience area, wearing the oculus gear VR through the side surface of the helmet is the touch version of experience the fantastic art panorama, panoramic video, video panorama app can flexibly select, visible this product has and gear VR were better adaptation.

this product of panoramic video experience on, the reporter experienced senior ski slopes and a roller coaster, scene, although there is no similar scenes experience large auxiliary hardware, but is reporters still has a relatively strong sense of tension and excitement.

mark at the touch area, the response was very sensitive

VR strong>

in the day happen culture experience area, each person to go in at least experience about 15 minutes was willing to leave, let reporters very curious, when reporters on the staff under the guidance of experience, the reporters also surprised the, may be the first time for the first time to experience this has a strong sense of immersion VR products.

our experience of a known as part of" cry baby "game, after entering the game, the reporter saw himself in a living room, each action of the operation in the staff of the tips. As in reality, with my own hands to move the house most of the things that feels very real. At the same time on the ground up to touch the ground when the paper, there is the friction of paper, the house can also be installed on the record and turn on the switch to play. With virtual sticks in their hands can knock the glass in the room, and in addition to the sound of breaking glass, unexpectedly and glass hit journalists who touch sense.

in the outermost experience some mild game experience area, extraordinary visual illusion experience area hardware products for Oculus, content for the extraordinary visual illusion network technology company provides a game, reporters at the scene also experienced the war games, feel good to play in the VR product.

Magic depending on the interactive is the focus on the VR game content company, at present RPG battle" skeleton sea "has entered the final test, will visit the oculus rift, gear VR, HTC vive and platform. Scene to provide us with the sea battle game experience.

storm mirror show the them in a variety of products, the field we can use the magic mirror 4 some of the VR game experience.

this remote control handle is good

in addition birds see (Pico) with just released last month, powered by snapdragon chip 820 Pico VR integrated machine.

Lanting digital experience is live VR. It is reported Lanting digital have strong live video panorama VR, VR film production, panoramic aerial video and other solutions.

micro whale VR experience area so that we experience in VR panoramic video live feeling, the reporter at the scene saw about the great wall and boxing match scene, good sound field of VR panorama live, feel very magical, but also a sense of vertigo is very obvious.

a panoramic picture

in addition and a motion capture the product experience, picked up two actions catcher will be quite in one of the two hands, touch very sensitive, can be timely and without omission to capture the user's tiny movements.

feel this product is handsome

series of experience so many VR products, although there are problems, dizziness, or fuzzy picture content scarce, but the VR reporter to feel is that it will continue as the current trend has been a fire down, just follow VR's real income, also need some time get the outbreak, but overall speaking is a promising future of VR.

the other on the day of the meeting, iqiyi senior vice president Duan bridge accept the streaming media network, a number of media interviews, iqiyi VR three incentive plan, VR development trend for further explanation, the interview and later offer, please pay close attention to. Style= white-space: "normal >

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