There are several Mount Li old apprentice Li Shan mother does not mean what Hess

Li Shan mother don't mean what Hess

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on the Li Shan mother's apprentice, is known as a myth or reality of a class of bravado beauties. Because Li Shan mother is the female immortal Taoism, so her disciple basically are women.


image is one of the old mountain apprentice network

Li is Fan Lihua, Fan Lihua is said to be the chief disciple Li Shan mother, when she received Fan Lihua as an apprentice, taught Fan Lihua many skills taught Fan Lihua some mortals do not have super powers, such as what miracles, and then remove mountains, including the apprentice to find the object, is Li Shan mother told her husband, let a few difficulties to marry him, so Fan Lihua finally found Xue Ne, Xue Dingshan is our later said, a lot of success stories.

another famous Li Shan mother is Mu Guiying's apprentice, Mu Guiying heroic, although early on to be a widow, but later on the battlefield is absolutely not worse than Yang Zongbao, so this is Li Shan mother's apprentice, or a heroine.

finally, want to say is Bai Suzhen, is the practice Millennium white snake, is said to her what mana, but also the Li Shan mother taught, Bai Suzhen should say to the cause of love are almost heavy, win-win, finally got his wish.

above three is recorded relatively clear, basically did not dispute what Li Shan mother's apprentice, in folklore, others are placed in Li Shan mother's door, and high Wang, Wang should be regarded as the high fan of that era, another is a big house familiar with the legend of Zhu Yingtai, she was not dead, after Li Shan mother saved, she also made a lot of spells.

should be said that Li Shan mother's apprentice, actually existed only about pear and Wang high.

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