During the Three Kingdoms period, why did Cao Cao form an alliance with Liu Bei to attack Lv Bu?

Cao Cao

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back in twelfth, Liu Bei repeatedly refused to let us Xuzhou Tao Qian, after careful analysis, we can know that it is not the intention of Liu Bei. As Xuzhou local officials Mi Zhu, and as Liu Bei Guan Yu Zhang Fei. The tiger, only see the positive side of Liu Bei, but did not see the negative side of Liu Bei. But Liu Bei is different. So, Guan Yu Zhang Fei is the only Mi Zhu and Chen, and Liu Bei is the main person. Knowledge determines status.

Liu Bei got to Xuzhou, the butt wasn't hot yet, and Lv Bu was here. Lv Bu to attack Yanzhou, but this has gain a complete victory, Cao Cao make a prompt decision, withdrawal from Xuzhou, to counter Lv Bu. Lv Bu is too sloppy, superstitious own force similar to Xiang Yu, but they did not listen to the advice, give up at a place of importance in Dingtao, Cao Cao was defeated. Lv Bu defeated after the men gathered on the beach, then the way to negotiate. Lv Bu's idea is to go back to yuan shao. But they do not agree, but Lv Bu is very difficult to know self-willed, from their own suggestions, so Lv Bu said: "first make people go to Jizhou to get the news, then." Let Lv Bu hit a nail on his face.


network with

Lv Bu and Yuan Shaoben some friends. In the view of Lv Bu, he killed Dong Zhuo, avenged the great Kanto leaders, should be on talent. But Lv Bu did not understand, Yuan Shao heart has been complaining about Lv Bu killed Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo, the governors will gather in the Yuan Shao leader under the banner of Yuan Shao for command, once Dong Zhuo was dead, Guo Si 'successor Li Que, fighting a civil war, not against Kanto leaders, Kanto leaders naturally zuoniaoshousan, take care of their own third of an acre to do this, Yuan Shao the leader becomes guanggansiling. On the same day, Lv Bu fled to Yuan Shao, Yuan Shao to Lv Bu that Lv Bu was polite, some faster, with personal force strong, and as for the time being in the second against; at the time of the Yuan Shao site, there is a most powerful gold thief forces, is also known as the "black army" of Zhang Yan.

Zhang Yan has done the court, but the soldier in Yuan Shao's site in weight, not to follow the orders of Yuan Shao, Yuan Shao natural can't leave him. Yuan Shao has been attacking for many years, but he has not been able to attack for a long time. Zhang Yan, the farmer's uncle, is still very wise. Can Lv Bu come is not the same, Lv Bu appeared with his Xiliang sweep away the millions of enemy troops, cavalry, all very soon, Zhang Yan as if fierce tigers, defeated, to withdraw from the city, holed up in the mountains. Yuan Shao saw that his ground had been basically peaceful, and Lv Bu had driven Lv Bu out of value.

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