No more variables, iPhone 8 model machine start

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zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-08-08 23:37:51

apple iPhone 8 is getting closer and closer to the release date, but information about its appearance, parameters, functionality, and so forth continues to come in waves. Today, foreign friends Marques Brownlee got a very close to Apple 8 iPhone 8 machine model, and has started to experience.

" from the outside, the users get started is a white apple iPhone 8 stainless steel frame and glass shell reduction degree is relatively good. He also showed us the quality of the apple iPhone 8 model machine, compared with Samsung smartphones and apple iPhone 7 series.

" with the news and the increase in the release date approaching, apple is expected to iPhone8 will no longer have a great the main variables, the variables still exist in its name and the sale of a real time.

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