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The great inventor in the imaginary world

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Great inventor

fantasy world inventor

fantasy world fly Lou read online, fantasy world of the great inventor ad free reading, Xiao Chen leaves through to the fantasy world after an accident, in this world he won the great invention of “ ”, able to create anything moreover, created things that can be recognized by heaven, come and see how Ye Xiaochen uses the invention system “ ” to the top.


Ye Xiaochen fictiondescription reborn into a fantasy world, bind a great invention system, the invention of a casual thing, will be accepted into heaven, nature, he is a most noble creator. accidentally, backward savage fantasy world into a fantasy world of high-tech.

a novel but no martial arts talent, even by human sacrifice opportunity, never awaken soul, this is the cycle, never happened
did not see even the former master of the house, Ye Qiankun leaves home the most strong, also kneeling?
if other people, I'm afraid directly scared soft to pour in the ground.
Wuhun awakening, not to mention the slim chance, Ye Xiaochen even martial arts talents are not absolute, is surely dead.
on the edge of Tiantan, leaves home Lord leaves without a glance at Ye Xiaochen, then no longer look for him, just out of it, even if the
in the top under the watchful eyes of the people, Ye Xiaochen strong pressure, a step by step firmly to the Tiantan. the million people watched the feeling, Ye Xiaochen didn't care. He was in the
ritual requirements, began to sacrifice. In fact,
lit incense, this is no ordinary incense, is the key to human sacrifice, called tongtianxiang, otherwise, the world will not respond to the
. This is the medium of communication between man and tao.
flash in worship under the auspices of the burning tongtianxiang forming smog up Ye Xiaochen. for no Wuhun talented people, heaven will not respond.
Ye Xiaochen is not prepared to awakening soul, he will become more powerful creator. is on board.
sacrifice to see, some dope. Under
see Ye Xiaochen out of cardboard.
they are puzzling, Ye Xiaochen is not a matter of conscience to communicate heaven, out of cardboard to do what?
leaf anxious tears out of pity.

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