The girl lovelorn mental frustrated Street past men seeking to open the room

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Fu Joe, Jiangnan metropolis media reporter Liu Jian reported: the evening of August 6th, in Xinyu, adjacent to the park on the road, a young girl does not stop blocking the passing man seeking dating, scared the man stopped fleeing. After the police arrived, after investigation, the young girl was frustrated by the lovelorn spirit to make such a move.

on the morning of 9 pm, in Xinyu Chang Lin Park on the road, a young woman somehow, see the strange man stopped and made friends, was stopped men feel strange fleeing. Attracted many people stop onlookers, many enthusiastic public alarm for help.

Xinyu Yushui patrol anti riot brigade of police rushed to the scene, saw a woman holding a young man. Police immediately came forward to ask. Young men told the police, two people do not know, but the girl to make friends with him, and offered to open his house, but also said that you can do something that can not be described!

police then asked the woman, she admitted the matter, impatiently said to the police: "do not talk to me, I will he", which makes the police dumbfounding. The police carefully observed, the girl I have suspected mental problems. The girl for security considerations, the police will follow through on the girl back to the police, to talk, to resolve the knot. At the same time try to contact the girl's sister, the girl sister arrived, told the police, the girl just turned 20 years old, because of lovelorn feelings suffered blows, resulting in abnormal mental. To the police's help, the girl sister expressed great thanks.

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