It appears to be true love, PIKO taro announces marriage with former portrait idol

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cangyangtiyulewang· 2017-08-09 09:34:27

if you want to inventory last year's ten major global Golden Songs, then PIKO Taro's magic "PPAP" can definitely be on the list. The more than 40 year old uncle also made a lot of money with this golden melody, and even for a certain period of time, PIKO taro often appeared in the domestic TV commercials. Today (August 4th), PIKO taro announced on his official website that he wanted to marry , and that the object was a former portrait idol. This makes many netizens can not help Tucao, this is earned by a song of the rhythm of the wife of this ah.


PIKO Long's marriage target is 29 years old this year's former portrait idol Ann branch pupil. In an official public announcement, the two met each other through a joint program a few years ago, and they have been together for four years. The two were married in August 3rd, and chosen in August 3rd because of their wife's nickname and Japanese, the pronunciation of August 3rd is very similar. In this regard, many netizens have said that uncle is also a very romantic person accidentally.

even after the PPAP, uncle didn't have any hot songs. But the TV animated "PIKO TARO's LULLABY LALA BY", starring PIKO taro, was launched in July 17th. Television animation is a story without a script, and the valley supervised a drawing, and PIKO, who draws inspiration from an illustration, improvised 3 minutes of fairy tales, such as "the little match girl" and "Little Red Riding Hood". I believe marriage should also save uncle savings.


PIKO taro (Kosaka Kazuhito) was born on July 17, 1973 in Aomori, Aomori Prefecture, is a Japanese male singer, graduated from Aomori prefectural Aomori East High school. In August 2016, the original single "PPAP" was released, which attracted much attention. In November 26th of the same year, the song "PPAP" was won by the Asian Network awards ceremony, the most popular video award in japan. In December 7th of that year, the first solo album, PPAP, was released.


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It appears to be true love, PIKO taro announces marriage with former portrait...

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