"Symphonic poem" find everything fresh and new! And businesses to launch a group of Ukiyo-e illustration

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cangyangtiyulewang· 2017-08-09 09:34:48

's original anime, symphonic poem, by the Japanese animation company BONES, has announced the launch of three theaters, which have been released every year since 2017. The day before, the animation announced a partnership with the business L.H.P., and launched a group of Ukiyo-e style of the original illustrations. Ukiyo-e style original illustrations "symphonic poem" this group of


by artists TAKUMI production, with the thirty-six king [] Hokusai tomitake as the theme, a total of three pieces. Modern elements and mecha elements and Ukiyo-e classical style perfect fusion, exhibit completely different animation and view of the world, people find everything fresh and new. The use of these ukiyoe illustration merchandise will launch the cooperation activities, let us look at the three pictures!




Symphony poem is an original animation produced by Japanese animation company BONES, which was broadcast from April 2005 to April 2006, with a total of 50 episodes, plus 1 episodes of OVA. The work has also been adapted for the comic book and three related pieces. The sequel "Symphony of Psalms AO" from April 2012 to 9 aired all 24 episodes, plus 1 sets of OVA. This year, the TV animation Symphony poem will announce the launch of the theater trilogy, where the original collection will be released, with first films released in 2017 and a film released every year.

refreshing! "Symphonic poem" to cooperate with businesses to launch a group of Ukiyo-e illustrator

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