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news: Sichuan 7 earthquake broke out in Jiuzhaigou, science and technology enterprises in the mobile

8 8 evening news, according to the Chinese seismic network was determined, 21:19 on August 8th 7 earthquake occurred in Sichuan Jiuzhaigou County of ABA prefecture. After the disaster, the three operators dispatched emergency teams to ensure the smooth communication of the disaster areas.

China Unicom said that Sichuan Unicom, ABA branch 2 rescue team, has rushed to the disaster area. Sichuan Unicom emergency center two emergency rescue vehicles and a tram have started. Chengdu branch and Mianyang branch two rescue teams are gathering, ready to start. At the same time, Sichuan Unicom, operation and maintenance department, network management center has been arranged to strengthen the network monitoring of disaster areas, and make further protection and emergency preparedness.

China Telecom said that Sichuan mobile office has dispatched rescue, Shaanxi and Yunnan Bureau of motor has good Beiqin, ready to go.

, HUAWEI, Ali and other technology giants have also responded. Alibaba launched an emergency relief mechanism, set the whole group forces to participate in disaster relief. Flying pig, Gao De, Taobao, Alipay, Taobao mobile phone network and rural rookie response. HUAWEI and operators to cooperate in combat, the first time to establish a special group communications security, emergency communications protection launched, the first rescue team composed of several experts have been set off to the scene of the disaster.

in addition, the online travel companies, including Ctrip, where to go, the United States Mission travel tuniu, also launched a number of disaster response, emergency services, such as the cancellation of the order to provide free hotel and open service line etc..

addition, Xinjiang official said that it will use unmanned exploration disaster, rescue workers in the protection of their own safety at the same time, but also through the survey, tracking the situation on the spot, to provide safe and reliable basis for disaster relief, accelerate the speed of search and rescue.

high moral map also has launched an emergency relief mechanism, priority review of disaster relief disaster information, the first line of traffic information, the traffic for the rescue vehicle for reminding relief road, for disaster relief lifeline. (source: Sina Technology)

currently, according to the Jiuzhaigou county emergency office news, as of 5 in the morning, the earthquake has killed 9 people, 164 people were injured.

comment: it is in order to serve the people of science and technology, people need the power of science and technology, science and technology companies regardless of the cost in response to provide convenient, then we can more feel that they have changed the world.

news: the Ministry responded HUAWEI WeChat data for

8 8, the day before HUAWEI and Tencent due to the differences in user data, the Ministry of industry and information technology responded that the Ministry has received the relevant situation, is organizing the investigation and coordination. MIIT urged enterprises to strengthen internal management, consciously regulate the collection and use of users' personal information behavior, according to law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

, the contradiction between the two companies is caused by HUAWEI's glory, a new feature of Magic smartphones. The mobile phone can provide artificial intelligence services by collecting user activity information, for example, a WeChat based content recommendation restaurant based on users. The source of the information package of WeChat, Alipay and many other popular applications. Tencent believes that HUAWEI violated the privacy of WeChat users, it is understood that Tencent has asked the Chinese government to intervene in the matter.

news reporter asked the Ministry of industry, the Ministry in August 8th, said in reply: "for a long time, the Ministry of industry and information technology has always been the spirit of encouraging innovation and inclusive of the principle of prudence, the new model of the new technology, new formats, information in communication industry and actively guide and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. The Ministry said: "

" for the Tencent and HUAWEI in the mobile phone on the new function differences, I in the protection of personal information, in accordance with the "telecommunications and Internet users' personal information protection regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, and urge enterprises to strengthen internal management, consciously regulate the collection and use of personal information protection act. In accordance with the law the legitimate rights and interests of users. For the differences and disputes between the information and communication enterprises, the Ministry of industry and information technology will actively organize, coordinate and guide the self-discipline of the industry in accordance with the functions and responsibilities, and create a favorable market order for the masses in the process of entrepreneurship and innovation. "(source: NetEase News)

comment: the Ministry has said, please consciously regulate the collection and use of user personal information behavior.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: the staff due to controversial remarks ahead of the end of the vacation

8 on Sept. 8, foreign media reports, in the release of Google employees manifesto controversial, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said these very difficult days, forcing him to the end of the family vacation. "I've been working in Africa and Europe for the past few weeks, and I've just started my family vacation this week," Pichai wrote in a memo to the company. But I've decided to come back tomorrow and there's a lot to talk about as a group, including how we can create a more inclusive environment for all. "

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