Nepal has written, "China and India disputes: not to stand in line"

Nepal India Republic newspaper Kathmandu post

huanqiuwang· 2017-08-09 11:48:37

data figure: Chinese joint military drill and Nepal

[Global Times special correspondent Ni Wenhui] in Nepal Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister of Maharashtra 7 said in a small press conference on China and India confrontation in the hole area of Nepal is not long. Under the influence of China and India have not involved in. Nepal officials made the first comments since the standoff between the Indian and Chinese forces in the area of the cave. At the same time, according to the "Kathmandu post" reported in Beijing and New Delhi, Nepal embassy has sent letters to the government of China and India, said Nepal will remain neutral, not to choose sides in the confrontation between China and india.

Nepal Shah Dynasty founding monarch Prithv Narayan Shah warned: "the people of Nepal is caught in India two boulders in yam", metaphor in dealing with the relations between the two neighbors China and India, Nepal to grasp the balance. The outbreak of the 1962 Sino Indian border conflict, the government of the kingdom of Nepal to take a neutral attitude, in between the two countries in October 24, 1962, when he was foreign minister of Nepal Dulsi Gigli said "Nepal will maintain close ties with India, and on the other hand, strong tune" no one in our country situation will abandon friendly relations with China the pursuit of other".

although Nepalese officials have maintained a neutral stance on the Sino Indian confrontation, the Nepali media has begun to speak with an attitude. Nepal's largest English newspaper, the Republican newspaper, has published a paper by scholars saying Bhutan and Nepal do not want to copy old British democratic scripts like India".

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