Can you give air conditioning to the children in hot weather? Mom and Dad, don't neglect these points!

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) is now a hot day, a lot of people (including me) think: this old life is for the air conditioning.

, but recently in a mother group, see a mother, life or death to children without air conditioning, said the child resistance is poor, open air conditioning will affect the child's health.

is that true? We start from the air conditioning function to analyze the ~

air conditioning, we are used to cooling and drying, give us a cool dry environment, can reduce a lot due to temperature and humidity caused by skin and lung diseases.

so, the starting point of the air conditioner is good. It's OK to use the air conditioner for the baby. Famous pediatrician Cui Yutao also said that summer can be air-conditioned for the baby, otherwise, why are those pediatric wards also open air-conditioning?

in fact, some mothers are resistant to using air conditioning, mainly because of improper use, which affects the child's health: the filter screen does not clean up the cold, the temperature is too low, the child uncomfortable, and so on......

therefore, only reasonable and reasonable use of air conditioning, can let the baby in the air-conditioning income!


01 once sweating, do not put the temperature down to very low

some parents see their children sweat, feel very hot, all of a sudden the air conditioning up to 20 DEG C, can let the children cool.

this is wrong! Our body will sweat, it is to cool the body (in vivo cooling), suddenly, the outside environment temperature has become extremely low, the body temporarily difficult to adapt, it is easy to appear cold and other symptoms.

02" do not let the child suddenly left the air conditioning room

when children are going to the air-conditioned room, it is best to put the air conditioning off, open the doors and windows through the air, so that the room temperature gradually increased, the body can adapt slowly, the children will not feel suitable.

03" suitable temperature, wind at the children don't

in general, stay on the line at 23~26 DEG C that room, whether the children have a sweat, don't let the child in front of the wind. After all, after sweating pores open, blowing the wind is also easy to catch cold.

other is nothing more than more cleaning air conditioning, ventilation, do not let the child's body to adapt to those high and low temperature, is generally no problem, and parents are relieved to open it!

more interesting and useful, parental knowledge of the temperature, the warm welcome attention to adorable treasure Mom:


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