The ghost blows the lamp yellow, the leather grave, the corpse is what, the ghost blows the lamp yellow, the leather grave reality

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365jingdianwang· 2017-08-09 13:10:53

network drama ghost blows yellow leather grave is hit, the emergence of a mysterious plant, the name of this plant called Lu is dead and not, ginseng, actually this appears in the tomb of dead plant has a role in the legend, it still sounds very mysterious, then the ghost blows what is yellow leather grave. Ginseng? In reality really is dead ginseng? Let us and 365 classical network Xiaobian a look.


ghost blows yellow leather grave corpse ginseng is what

actually is not the dead ginseng plant fiction, but in reality the plants did not in the novels of Shen corpse so difficult, the original novel said:

" this is the ancient legend of plants, from thousands of miles away fro western country circle Shacheng came in, it highly toxic, the body is a bit like a humanoid, abnormally large ginseng, but to dozens of hundreds of times also more, it also does not have any relationship between Mainland and ginseng, there is no accurate name for it, only general ginseng or ginseng ancient corpse ghost, back home called " and not lo ". A corpse ginseng in reality and not



ghost blows yellow leather grave reality, namely, external use -- also known as " and not Yangjinhua, Lu ". Yabruh abruh (from Arabic or Persian Jabr North h) grass name. Western production. Poisonous. With hypnotic anesthesia. Legend has brought back the dead.


is actually a narcotic just, and there is no drama and novels that strange, the reality of the corpse is said to be long, this flower is pretty.

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