These 5 kinds of vegetables are very poisonous and must not be eaten at will

These 5 kinds of vegetables are very poisonous. Do not eat them at will

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there are many kinds of vegetables, and they are a kind of food that is often eaten. There are many vegetables have their own nutritional value and efficacy, such as cauliflower, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, for our prevention of rectal cancer and colon cancer is very helpful. But vegetables are ", toxic, you know? These 5 kinds of vegetables must not be eaten at will!

blue purple laver

blue purple if blue and purple seaweed soaked, it might be because it has been the growth in the sea when toxic pollution, toxic substances is most likely a cyclic polypeptide. This toxin can not be detoxified even during cooking, so it is best not to eat the colored laver. If you soak the water and see that the laver is bluish purple, throw it away quickly. The main toxicity of


Sauteed Green Beans Sauteed Green Beans bean from it contains saponin, cooking, it should be cooked first, and then remove. If not cooked into the stomach, saponin will stimulate the digestive tract. The toxic component of Phaseolus vulgaris is mainly trypsin inhibitor. When you cook, you can also detoxify if you add spices.

is a "toxic bean bean" vegetables, bean disease is caused by the human body and some beans, red blood cells lack of glucose 6- phosphate dehydrogenase to eat beans after you get hemolytic jaundice. And this disease is more common in the family genetic, so broad beans can not essay eating, if a family history of the people had better do the examination to ensure that eating beans in health.


everyone knows that fungus is a very nutritious food, and it also helps the body fight cancer cells. However, it may also contain toxins, fresh fungus containing trace of light sensitive substances, raw fresh fungus, can cause sun dermatitis, serious skin itching, edema and pain. So be sure to cook, eat, "detoxification" after eating.

fresh day lily

day lily with "toxicity", it contains colchicine is toxic substances, if entered the body will be oxidized, causing similar symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. If you want to detoxify, remember to soak it thoroughly and rinse the toxic substance clean so that there will be no poison.

containing colchicine into the body, after the oxidation will produce toxic substances, food will cause similar symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, it is easy to misdiagnosis. While dried lily flower is fully soaked in purified water during processing, most of the colchicine has been dissolved, so it is generally not poisoned.

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