What's wrong with Myolie Wu's face? Change completely to another person

Live broadcast Myolie Wu net red Tong Dawei

tanzi· 2017-08-10 05:45:29

webcast momentum is more and more prosperous, the broadcast platform not only with a lot of red red net, now even the stars and fans love to live through the interaction, no modification of beauty and PS, either red or star network value are facing huge challenge "/p>

" fairy sister "Liu Yifei live to see out of the skin is very white in color, and I feel like Suanya in the lens, the United States and the United States class= Da

"as a trendsetting fashion leader, how could the power power we do not follow the footsteps of a live, however, the United States the power of yen value or has withstood the test of

"but the next one The star is not so lucky,

. Look at the screenshot below. Don't say the name. Do you recognize who it is?

users like Yang Guoer? Tong Dawei's wife Guan Yue, too?

NO, NO, NO~ are not! This is the Hongkong actress Myolie Wu, who we know best!

" to see live stunned netizens said: "this is my goddess Myolie Wu? "This" standard "" Red Net chin looks quite like, is a plastic surgery? "

look at Myolie Wu recently micro-blog Po photo

"perhaps because broadcast software open beauty and lift functions, so it looks a bit strange. But most probably we should be done in order to upgrade Myolie Wu Ma, BB kept eating, so fat!

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