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love fan children to be listed on their cell phone, which is certainly not a moment of heat of the brain. We had four years ago to Xiongwen "love fan children make their own mobile phone? "In the manufacturing plan of smart phones," love fan children mobile phone can design philosophy "quality articles in the micro channel reading already exceeded 100000; when two years ago, love van son already in the love van son how to open his own phone conference? "In an article in the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, held a" unprecedented "new conference.

after love fan children four years of research and development, two years of adjustment, a full of sincerity, feelings and love of the phone is about to come to everyone's side. Well, now please fans admitted that a bursting heart, and wipe the mouth of saliva tianjin. Before the official listing, please allow me to give you a re introduction of love van son phone. < p > Industrial Design < love fan, mobile phone design inspiration comes from nature is the wind, water, lightning, fan, mobile phone design philosophy of love in full compliance with the Chinese Confucian "the unity of heaven and man", "imitation of nature" of the pursuit of Taoism. At the same time, love fan children's mobile phone design has also absorbed the European Renaissance trend of thought, design can be described as the combination of Chinese and western". A poem card said: frigidity were warm color, Japanese and European wind flying.

in the selection of the material of the phone, love van child regardless of cost, choose the most advanced aviation grade aluminum metal". Love van son phones after processing "25 days 72 working procedures" to get an impregnable "forming one aircraft grade aluminum metal body", the back of the phone is "skin friendly class 220 flexible ceramic sand blasting", side of the phone use "micron wiredrawing craft."

is because of this a series of process and love fan, mobile phone designers for the accurate grasp of the back of the phone to 165 degrees soft arc, the feel of how a "cool" terrible. Perhaps only politically incorrect "true TNN cool" can describe its 1/10000 praise.

phone's front cover a piece of 3D hyperbolic glass, its inspiration from the Pearl River in the pebbles. Mobile phone is smooth and delicate, this feeling is certainly toxic. And love fan children's mobile phone use the most classic ID no border design, so in the phone's packaging, love van child caring for everyone to prepare a ventilator, in order to prevent suffocation.

hardware configuration article

as the first machine of science and technology, love fan children in the phone conference on the nature of adhering to the "heavy experience, light parameters" concept. But this does not mean that love fan, mobile phone hardware configuration is out of date. On the contrary, love lead of fan, mobile phone configuration, and the idea is so hard to hold a candle to the friends of the business.

the human eye is the window of the soul, the screen is the window of the cell phone. Excellent screen is mobile experience, love van son phone exclusively to the forefront of the world of Japanese JDI, Samsung display customized transparent, clear, bright 5.2 inch 1080p screen (small print note: love fan with replaceable screen suppliers, use the rights of "cow" screen without prior notice. Why does

want to choose 5.2 inches? Because this is the best size of Asian palm can hold. Why is 1080P resolution? The human eye can not tell the difference between 1080P and 2K, the use of 2K screen in addition to the increase in power consumption, there is no advantage. (quietly to everyone spoilers about love fan, mobile phone 1s will use the 5.5 inches 2K screen)

4GB (single channel, LPDRR3) ram, memory large enough to carefree; 128GB (eMMC4.5 ROM storage space is large enough, the piece is installed to under.

Qualcomm snapdragon dragon 2.5 generation 8 core 64 Wei Yuanhang SOC (in fact, is the snapdragon 430), the power consumption, heat control can be called a must, more critical is performance is very strong, you thought, well, now Apple A9 to dual core, snapdragon 820 to quad core, our eight core course performance strong!. < p > love fan, mobile phone game performance to comparable to Sony PS4, than the Xbox 360 does not know where to go high to, the GTA 5 frames run 4K version up 60fps. What? ARM architecture processor and X86 software is not compatible? Please, do you think everyone is as clear as you to this compatibility?

performance is too strong to worry about heat? Need not worry completely, love van son phone created universe H2O cool heat, the internal phone with special heat pipe, the inside is full to heat the liquid H2O, after all liquids H2O is in the world than the highest heat capacity material, reheat the snapdragon processor can also was pinned.

video system

not get NOKIA 41 million camera, also can not get the latest SONY sensor, and that how? Love fan is not the pursuit of the pixel, 5 million enough, love fan child phone super pixel unit area of 8um.

we have a number of exclusive Black technology - five axis optical anti shake. And OLYMPUS's relationship? Uh, skip, we continue Camera Black tech. < p > love fan, mobile phone of another black science and technology is the first three lens array, Erlang God array, a camera to record the image color, a grey scale recording information, the three record of the temperature information.

third black technology is love fan children's mobile phone camera is flying. Although the figures on the back of the figure is not known for the success of the flight, but the camera is expensive! < p > cherish Sony promise to remember, empty pixels; Samsung, apple quality being seconds; a generation Tianjiao Nikon Canon, only know how to toothpaste factory; a few pictures strong, love child norm only good here! < a range of children love to mobile phone pictures of actual experience, Liu Xue Wen, deputy editor in chief on the phone conference have demonstrated, whether it is night shoot the moon and the stars, or he pat self time, love fan, mobile phone camera effects are unique and outstanding.

system experience article

love fan children's mobile phone operation is the exclusive development of the FKUI, support for compatible app Android. FKUI is a particularly user-friendly operating system, not only in your purchase could use a rich set of built-in app, the system will also depth integrated "search", "found the wolf input method," mobile phone "OO," old Lang Ju Bo "," giant letter "national application. < p > as a understand your operating system, after used for a period of time, FKUI can according to the owner's usage habits and browsing history, an accurate analysis of the machine's main points of interest, anxious people, push the precise send you want to know the commodity information. Information push everywhere, the owner of the wallet attention to wake up oh.

people without me there is an article

for music lovers, KNDA Keng De (Ni Audio), love fan children's mobile phone audio system can be said to be the gospel. Someone said, change a headset interface can improve the quality, so love fan children mobile phone completely abandon the previous phone 3.5mm and USB-C interface. Such wired transmission and digital to analog signals for loss of voice quality can be ignored the. The whole process electromagnetic wave signal transmission is received by the wireless earphone with a special decoder. You ask and long before the Bluetooth headset features are different? Security, get that guy out of the way! Quasi < soprano, alto stable, heavy bass, air, sound field, you could hear the male female silent tears, moved by music was not self-sustaining. Class= content_img_p "

fingerprint recognition function how to miss? Love van son phone fingerprint identification using biometric technology, only to identify the body generated by your body static, others want to imitate are not.

love fan children's mobile phone design at a point there is no compromise, the fuselage is not only no trace, and even an interface are not and the card slot are not. Mobile phone fully uses wireless charging to support the latest Qi, PMA, A4WP three standards, fast to charge 2 minutes, call 5 hours". Mobile phone with the computer through a Wi Fi connected, also does not use traditional, outdated and entity SIM card, using a burn card entry machine main information, out of the box pick up can be used, full of style. < price and buy < have so many advanced and the function of a single, love fan, mobile phone BOM cost up to 4999 yuan, but to show to have a fever friend fan support, love fan, mobile phone pricing only 2499 yuan.

wait, love fan children specially for fan friends eager early adopters prepared 1000 love fan children mobile phone version for engineering fan you choose. If you be loved van, mobile phone look stunning, configuration of the shock, pursue moved now pick up the phone, in love the range of children's official website, the official client, microblogging, love van son micro public, AppSo micro public, plaything Zhi micro public, and Mo Mo, exploration exploration, blued, Jack 'd booked it. < p > postscript < love within the range of children mobile phone market after a month, love van son and then open the three conference, launched a love fan, mobile phone 1s, love van son yellow cell phone, love fan Er Huang handset note three new machines.

this article if there are different, purely coincidence.

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