Network drama "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" play over 1 billion full name Mobile Games today on-line platform

Makino ghost blows a thing the game Iqiyi ghost blows

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in recent years, with the rapid development of China's online drama market, the online drama has gradually shifted to the content based development of the road. During the period of

in the market but also the birth of network drama of many outstanding works, but with the user's viewing needs become more diversified, the threshold of network drama production in continuous improvement, innovation and extension of much-needed video platform and related production, in order to face the new market demand.

at present, network drama "ghost chuideng" in Makino. A young perspective to the classical IP works performed, has received wide attention in the broadcast. In the network drama hit at the same time, by Xishanju only genuine drama world tour and Iqiyi jointly issued by the authorized work of the same name MMOARPG Mobile Games "Makino ghost blows a thing" today (August 8th) the line on the platform.

network drama "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" play over 1 billion times over the same period with the same name Mobile Games platform

7 3 July, according to the World tyrants sing novel fantasy adventure drama "Makino youth ghost blows a thing" line in the Iqiyi platform, every Monday, two 20 point free update a set VIP, the first member of a week to watch.

play in the on-line night after 4 hours playback volume exceeded 30 million, only two days on-line time amount of playing more than 100 million, then 500 million, 700 million, 890 million numbers appear constantly, refresh the new record playback of this drama. As of now, "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" network playback volume over 1 billion times, and continues to grow.

last week, "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" the first season is already ending, in the first season finale of the occasion, the official announced the second season playing program, currently second season officially scheduled August 7th on-line, to form a seamless interface with the first quarter.

in the network drama hit during the same period by Xishanju only genuine drama world tour and Iqiyi jointly issued by the authorized name Mobile Games works "Makino ghost blows a thing" in August 8th the line on the platform.

"Makino ghost blows a thing" Mobile Games can break through the summer?

summer has always been the most intense period of time for Mobile Games market competition, and for the "Makino ghost blows a thing" Mobile Games, three dominant game itself has or will break out of its summer could bring more.

one, IP blessings. "ghost blows the lamp" IP itself's appeal is formidable, the user base is extremely huge.

2009 in October, "ghost chuideng" novels published, once listed, they set off China tomb theme novel creation trend, in the next few years even today, there are still many of these novels, this paper introduced. In the past 13 years, "ghost blows the lamp" by many fans love, and extended out of his novels, movies, net play, games and other attributes of the pan entertainment works.

won the favor of many users in Makino ghost blows summer war "a network drama group", "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" Mobile Games is composed of the World tyrants sing "Makino novel ghost blows a thing" adaptation of the TV drama based on the production.

in the game, TV only licensed Mobile Games name "Makino ghost blows a" highly reduced network drama, users feel enhanced. At the same time, the game through high-quality pictures, straightforward fighting experience, as well as fashion, mounts, partners and other gameplay, bringing users a new experience. High attention,

novel network drama and play for "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" Mobile Games hot laid the foundation to the formation of the novel, many games, fans and other multi depth interactive network.

two, theme innovation . "Makino youth adventure drama ghost blows a thing" since July 3rd since the Iqiyi platform, play straight up. From the total amount of play continued to force can be seen in the network drama "ghost blows a Makino thing" based on traditional horror, suspense, adventure and other types, with active content, sunshine, youth and other elements, quickly gained many novels, network drama fans, such as young fans user groups recognized.

first in the novel many, many network drama groups, are attracted to the content of novels based on network drama, in terms of the story into a strong sense; secondly in the pan entertainment user groups, through the narration method and different focus on exploration, the integration of many comedy elements, brought different freshness for the user, in line with the current age of the user's needs. Once again, stars starred in the selection of Wang, mainland, Jin Chen and other young people in the group loved by the stars, but also by many fans love.

thus, "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" in different drama groups, have younger characteristics which are reflected.

and those by the most direct data can be seen, according to Iqiyi index, watch the network drama "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" users, there are only 70% people in the 18-30 age range. The online drama is full of effective connections between the story and the young user groups. And this age range is also the age of the major consumer groups in every field.

three, inter enterprise joint. shadow travel interactive core, from the selection to the project, from R & D to operation, have a deep understanding of IP.

"Makino ghost blows a thing"

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