Commercial housing is sold to the hapless builders?

Commercial housing construction business adjustment market

meirijingjixinwen· 2016-05-06 17:07:48

need to pay attention to is that the commercial housing pre-sale system pilot as a new system, if in the future, will become a double-edged sword. The development of new things is not plain sailing, the abolition of commercial housing pre-sale system, who is the most not happy? The

contractor capital chain will be tight

it is understood that the commercial housing pre-sale system "founder" is Mr. Henry Fok. In 1953, Henry Fok put forward the "pre-sale", and advocated the installment. This system was introduced into the mainland from Hongkong, after continuous development, the end of today's general use of a sales. < p > pre-sale of commercial housing system, the invention of the mind is to alleviate the financial pressure on housing prices, the abolition of the pre-sale of commercial housing system, the developers is a big negative means lost a financing channels, increase the financial pressure on developers. < p > sale system will inevitably raise the real estate industry barriers to entry, Shenzhen real estate brokerage industry association research director Xu Feng think, sale system will bring the elimination of small and medium-sized developers, can not adapt to the future development, integration and mergers and acquisitions.

with the increase in the threshold of real estate access, real estate will be the stronger the situation, which is a sign of the real estate industry to mature. Shanghai enjoysmart Real Estate Institute Vice President yanggongxu said, with the developers of the survival of the fittest, large enterprises can raise funds through diversified financing mode, diversified financing channels. < / P > < p > Hsu Feng / > said that China real estate are a special case, a large amount of money is construction companies underwritten, cancel pre-sale system may appear developers financial pressure further passed on to construction companies, construction companies facing greater financial pressure. If the relevant quality inspection departments for commercial housing inspection system also in accordance with the implementation of existing practices, do not rule out the future cut corners appear.

land finance more tight?

cancellation of the pre-sale system is the regulation of the real estate market, the real estate fully competitive city, the market's self regulating ability. For a serious backlog of three or four tier cities, has been forced to sell existing homes, the impact of the abolition of the pre-sale system is not large. Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, Peng Peng believes that the promotion of sale of commercial housing system is conducive to the healthy development of the real estate market for regulation and control system and the third and fourth tier to the inventory is good. Implementation of the sale of commercial housing, developers in the original high inventories of the third and fourth tier cities with enthusiasm frustrated, from the land began to suppress the real estate supply, reduce supply.

according to the "First Financial Daily" reported that the commercial housing Xianfang sales system will extend the turnover cycle of developers, slow down the project into the market. < p > Hsu Feng in told the "daily economic news" reporter interviewed mentioned, Xianfang sales Shoufu ratio decrease, Shoufu ratio itself is on the valuation of real estate pre-sale stage, the system is sold Xianfang valuation and in the stage of the pre-sale valuation is not the same, the proportion of the first payment or reduced.

developers to raise the threshold, buyers into the market lower threshold, the release of a part of the purchase demand is also good for the existence of inventory. < p > in addition, Peng Peng said, some inventory pressure larger cities to promote the commercial housing sale or the presence of resistance, one of which is the local government land financial problems. < from land strokes he hung stage opened the sale of commercial housing, extent reduce the land market competition pressure, some strength and financial capacity weaker developers have been shut out, the future land premium will have different amplitude decreased for local governments rely on the land finance existence must be bad.

local government in order to make up for the lack of financial and urban construction funds, land transfer to obtain direct income and land finance to bring indirect income behavior, known as land finance. Land finance for local governments to get the benefits, but also enhance the local government over reliance on land finance. < / P > < p > Hsu Feng / > said that in the economic developed areas of land finance proportion is not high, such as Shenzhen, effect of land revenue to the government can ignore, but for who is heavily dependent on the land finance of the city, is on the system need a delicate game experience.

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