India was also the skyrocketing prices of tomato soldiers responsible for this

India rupee RMB soldier

yangshicaijing· 2017-08-10 13:09:21

is the ordinary tomato vegetables in daily life, but in the south of India Hyderabad City, recently the price of tomatoes has soared, become the object of people eager to buy stolen, also increase the risk of security, even armed to protect the scene of tomatoes.

Reuters reported, at present India tomato sells for about 120 rupees per kilogram, about 12 yuan per kilogram. Only a few weeks ago, local tomatoes were priced at only 20 rupees per kilogram, or about 2 yuan per kilogram. The price soared, resulting in a significant increase in the risk of tomatoes being stolen during transportation. India has reported more cases of stolen tomatoes this month. A vegetable market administrator had to assign six armed forces to ensure the safety of the tomatoes.

India: the price of tomatoes and vegetables seller Geely up to 120 rupees per kilogram, make people think that now all prices are rising, people are not willing to come to a vegetable market.

" ironically, just 1 months ago, central India tomatoes also won a bumper harvest, farmers even put tomatoes dumped in the street. But the tomatoes have been the harvest season, and in some areas even under heavy rain, causing crop damage now, tomato has become the state of the southwestern city of Indore vegetable market price of the most expensive central vegetables. The "tomato shortage" in India has sparked systematic attention by research institutions.

" in London, Adam · Smith Institute in "Forbes researcher" news website wrote that, in addition to the impact of Rainstorm on crops, market information is not in place leading to difficult for farmers to "peak" crop management. This requires the departments concerned to monitor the weather and market information in an all-round way to provide protection for farmers.

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