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Cross Fire shooting King Earl AK47 performance evaluation of _ak47 and the count as dragon power

Cross Fire count AK47 Cross Fire AK47 dragon dragon Cross Fire count AK47

hulianwang· 2017-08-10 15:45:53

recently than the August 5, 2017 CF year in Mobile Games activities ceremony, whether we receive received mercy, and Mobile Games Cross Fire king diamond collar collar gun gun can do a variety of activities, address, and Cross Fire shooting King Earl AK47 is the inside of a gun, whether we should choose those, whether to choose the king Earl AK47 shootout the.

game in the mall price

everyone is to spend money to buy recharge diamond, get way: Mall directly buy 3880 diamond (diamond, 2480 during the event) in CF Mobile Games years ceremony in CF activities Mobile Games ar diamond chest playing games can receive a large number of diamonds, participate in several activities you can buy here. Can choose the package.

festival activities through the latest version of the king in everyone to participate in the shooting line, the new version adds many activities and rewards into receive packs often several weapons, props and so on let us be more affordable, permanent AK47 count is not a dream.

1, a single product

permanent AK47 count,


package price of 3550 diamond permanent AK47 count, 30 days, with the price of 3400 peony, diamond

performance specification upgraded version of

AK47, greatly enhance the stability and precision, convenient for users to use better.




power precision rate through 75




portable stable bomb bomb 40/120


method we must first obtain a lot of little diamonds, after upgrading weapons have been without suffering, recharge in the mall to buy diamonds.

above is a small series for everyone brought about through the line of Fire King AK47 all the content!

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