Zhao Weishai according to show happiness small, in April and grow taller

Zhao Wei Huang Youlong Hongkong education

wangyiyule· 2017-08-10 16:37:06

Zhao Wei and her husband Huang Youlong daughter in April

hand travel entertainment NetEase reported on August 10th Zhao Wei and married businessman Huang Youlong, active in business investment, among the ranks of the rich, it is the winner in life. On the other hand, Zhao Wei also attaches great importance to the family. After work, she will be free to accompany her husband and daughter.

8 10 on the morning of the morning, Zhao Wei on IG drying out an outing photo, in the photo Huang Youlong holding a small hand in April, stroll in Prague Charlie bridge, small April hair and waist, a lot of taller. Charlie bridge, one of the most famous attractions in Prague, has the reputation of "Baroque Baroque Museum".

day before Zhao Wei just finished recording the variety show "restaurant" to take advantage of the summer with his family to travel to Europe together, is also a very hard mother.

April April small looks sweet, also inherited her mother's big eyes, a small beauty. But in fact, compared to the outside gorgeous, Zhao Wei more attention to the hearts of the rich children, she attaches great importance to her daughter's education, let her learn dancing, painting, English and other talent, for education is not careless. In order to let small April read Hongkong's most expensive international school, Zhao Wei is spent hundreds of millions of students in Hongkong to buy the school district room. Zhao Wei's low-key happy life is really enviable.

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