Legs swollen, legs numb, leg cramps, it was blocked blood vessels, 2 kinds of food often eat blood

Leg swelling leg cramps leg cramps. It's a blood vessel blockage..2 kinds of food blood vessels

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, 27, a primary school teacher in Ningbo, loves traveling. During the summer vacation, Mr. Wang went to the Pearl River Delta to play a circle. A few days ago, he returned to Ningbo by train from Shenzhen. Halfway, Wang left leg swelling, he thought it was too tired, and continue to rely on the back of the chair to sleep. When I woke up, my left leg hurt badly. It became swollen and &ldquo. One leg was two thick. ” the car, he immediately went to a nearby hospital, doctors Affiliated Hospital of Ningbo University said, Mr. Wang left leg vein is blocked, there are a lot of thrombosis, and late thrombosis caused massive loss, can endanger life. Fortunately, because of timely treatment, Mr. Wang out of danger.

, for Mr. Wang, the doctor explained that the deep veins of the legs are the easiest to form clots in all the veins of the human body. After thrombosis, the blood circulation is blocked, and the lower limb swelling, pain and dysfunction can occur. The blockage of the leg blood vessels, in addition to the swelling, occurs when other vessels are blocked in the blood vessels of our legs!


, leg pain if blood vessels blocked in the legs, walking will feel leg pain, walking difficulty, even feel tired legs, heavy, or accompanied by pain; the pain will occur in any part of the lower limb, rest to reduce symptoms, but the long walk will attack again.

2, night cramps,



in sleep, the blood is not smooth, often leg cramps, usually in the heel, forefoot or toes and other parts.


skin and nail changes because the legs blood supply and nutrients is not sufficient, the patient's feet or legs may appear hair loss, slow growth, leg skin will be shiny, thick and toenails grow slowly.


due to abnormal skin color blood flow is blocked, when the leg, leg skin color will be white; some people sitting, feet or toes will become pale and blue, which is caused by blood circulation disorder.


5, numbness or weakness,


. If you rest at rest, your feet feel numb and weak, indicating that the blood vessel is blocked.


, calf muscle atrophy blockage serious, they will obviously feel the calf muscle size, this is due to the lack of blood flow, leading to muscle fiber number and size.

7, lower extremity varicose veins,


venous vascular occlusion is a common disease of venous vessels, so that the venous blood of the lower extremity can not effectively return, there are swelling of the lower extremities, pain and other manifestations.



, such as repeated emergence of the above 7 signals, to guard against dyslipidemia, blood viscosity. In addition to in daily life to develop good habits, but also to warm the blood vessel, reducing blood lipids, reducing blood viscosity, to improve blood vessel blockage, sclerosis.

to keep blood vessels, keep blood vessels young, can eat two kinds of food Jisongrong, asparagus, asparagus, contain a variety of active ingredients of Agaricus blazei, can improve the problem of the blockage of blood vessels, often eat can make blood vessels restore the young state.

: nucleic acid can inhibit the formation of lipid peroxidation, inhibition of cholesterol formation, dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow, correct myocardial decompensation, promote vascular regeneration, inhibit platelet aggregation, so the nucleic acid is considered to have good effects on nutrition and health care of cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc..

: the rutin can reduce capillary fragility, improve microcirculation, and can reduce the blood pressure, the expansion of peripheral blood vessels, cardiovascular vascular enhancement, to remove endotoxin, improve cardiovascular function.

ASP: it can soften blood vessels, enhance blood vessel toughness, lower blood pressure and so on. It can make the peripheral blood vessels expand markedly. It is often used in the treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease and so on.

: the linoleic acid linoleic acid has lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation function, can prevent or reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, especially hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, angina, atherosclerosis etc..

due to simply eat Agaricus and asparagus, will not play a role, and diet is the conditioning of the long, long stick. The method is simple and effective is to take through the fermentation of Agaricus blazei, asparagus, asparagus Agaricus online related compound bacteria fermentation liquid, food fermentation liquid and Agaricus specially is the use of asparagus, after fermentation and purification, plant active promotion, also can get the maximum efficacy, to reduce blood fat, improve blood vessel blockage targeted conditioning every day to eat a lot better than.

in addition to the effort in the diet, but also pay attention to drink plenty of water to dilute the blood viscosity; and out of regular exercise, such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, playing badminton, climbing and so on, it can promote blood circulation. If the blood viscosity is more serious, under the guidance of the doctor, choose some anticoagulant, drop blood viscosity drugs, strive for not to continue to aging blood vessels.

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