Walking can reduce your stomach! Just a lot of people have been using the wrong method

Walking can reduce the stomach but a lot of people have been using the wrong method

hulianwang· 2017-08-10 19:28:33

why don't I get fat anywhere, especially when I have a tummy?

, some people are not fat, weight is normal or even thin range, but the stomach is particularly large.

, in fact, this is a relatively dangerous signal: subcutaneous fat normal, visceral fat is overweight.

, in addition to certain drugs, a large number of intake of sugar and refined carbon water, sedentary and lack of exercise, will cause visceral fat increase, the formation of "thin body, only fat belly" situation.

but unfortunately, there is no way with the help of visceral fat, liposuction surgery and other methods to reduce consumption, can only rely on their own efforts. So here comes the question: can

walk down the stomach?

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, in order to reduce the stomach, a lot of people began to walk, day trip ten thousand steps is a common occurrence. But after a period of persistence, I found that the stomach seemed to be small

because if it's just a routine walk, it's not a real sport.

really effective steps should be from the effective movement, to achieve moderate intensity above. A simple criterion is:

, exercise heart rate of healthy and better physique, the heart can be controlled at 120 ~ 180 times per minute; elderly or chronic disease group

, heart rate control in approximately (170 - age) ~ (180 - age).

heart rate, you can simply touch the pulse for one minute to measure, you can also wear heart rate, using the heart rate table, bracelet and so on, with the mobile phone App.

even so, walking, as a traditional low intensity aerobic exercise, has little effect on the elimination of visceral fat. The best way to eliminate visceral fat is

, HIIT, strength training, high strength aerobic (such as Sprint), etc., the best way to eliminate visceral fat. Can

sit ups for tummy breaks?

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since walking can not, then for the abdominal movement, such as sit ups can make the stomach smaller?

, unfortunately, crunches and other abdominal exercises are not the best exercises for a lean stomach.


, sit ups and so on for abdominal movements, in fact, the increase is also abdominal muscles, before the fat does not leave you, doing sit ups will make the belly looks bigger.

and the general consumption is very small, you may sweat do 1000 crunches, not running for 10 minutes to the obvious effect.

, plastic film, waist slimming cream

are not reliable. Photograph: giphy.com

slimming cream makes skin fever, sweating, but just stay on the surface of skin irritation, and not really into fat cells, can not play the effect of dietary fat reduction.


, wrap up, exercise, and diet tea might make you have a really small stomach Illusion. But in fact, their function is to make people temporarily dehydrated, and as soon as you drink water, you come back quickly.

, as for the waist, it squeezes the fat to both sides, causing visual effects on the waist, but over time it may be displaced by compression.

, just ask you, dare you try?

the right to cut the belly, you do

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1. proper diet

muscle fat no matter how to lose weight, do not blindly diet, silly hungry is not to have any effect.

exercise abdominal muscles, of course, need to eat, but be sure to eat on the diet structure and matching ratio.

with the movement of the premise, should be appropriate to reduce carbohydrate rich foods:

eat or not eat sweets, with refined sugar sweetened beverages, processed foods;

eat some protein rich fish, meat, eggs and milk;

eat enough vegetables.

2. does exercise for the whole body. The first step

has to lose is to lose fat.

, such as squats, rowing, etc., are aimed at whole body movements, or high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIT) exercises, to improve the efficiency of fat burning.

, after all, if you exercise only your belly, you burn very little calories. For most people with too much abdominal fat, the primary task is to burn as much calories as possible and lose fat.

, and the abdominal muscles are under the fat that hides under the belly. The less belly fat, the clearer the abdominal muscles. It's really killing two birds with one stone.

3. do abdominal exercises,

in the whole body training at the same time, you can also do some abdominal exercises, such as abdominal roll, supine pedal, flat support, etc..

actually, under that prominent stomach, everyone has ABS, but it's obviously different. Many strong and heavy lifters are covered with thick fat in their abdomen. But the ABS are pretty strong.

, so believe that your abs are only covered with fat. From now on, you can follow the above three methods of exercise, lose belly fat, make abdominal muscle also has "

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