And as Wu Jing can play, "deserve" to take the actress.

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"wolf 2" after the release of a stride forward singing militant songs, has become the highest grossing domestic film. But such a let Chinese passion of the original film, remake, it is said that more than 20 star refused to participating. On the one hand, can not afford to pay; on the other hand, the action is hard and dangerous, which is easy to shoot IP drama, drama?

plus "wolf 2" to the troubled African slum shot, more personal safety can not be guaranteed, at any time may be robbed. In Africa filming, the crew all must comply with the provisions of the discipline, otherwise please "bank card number and password to inform your family" you

action movie is what kind of experience it ahead of time? Zhang Ziyi was once a hundred-percent action actor, she filmed several action movie the tragic experience will know.

martial arts film "house of Flying Daggers" there are a lot of wonderful play, starring Zhang Ziyi, Kaneshiro Takeshi shooting and Andy Lau hurt.

Kaneshiro Takeshi to shoot riding the horse, started riding, it was the first time he rode horses very well, so

play as he rode the first few looks very well. In the wild horse Kaneshiro Takeshi is really awesome, director Zhang Yimou joked: "you let the little girl riding a knock-out. "You

but later beat Kaneshiro Takeshi gallop play in the white birch forest, the horse suddenly frightened horse, Kaneshiro Takeshi injured, lying on the ground motionless waiting for rescue you

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check the result: Kaneshiro Takeshi left knee and two ligaments. He was obviously unable to play horse riding for the time being, and Zhang Yimou could only take a different form of shooting - riding a fake horse and shooting only the upper part of his body. Six staff members raised Kaneshiro Takeshi, sitting in a wheelchair, with a bamboo pole, simulating the scene of the horse's u-turn. (fierce move, Kaneshiro Takeshi trembling with pain) so

took this shot, Kaneshiro Takeshi was carried to the car, because he has been unable to walk so

" in order to play well the role of "blind girl", Zhang Ziyi made full preparations to her with a blind girl who lived together for two months, in addition to the toilet, two people almost inseparable.

in the period of the "house of Flying Daggers" Zhang Ziyi waved a long sleeved drumming dance are so impressive, in order to shoot the scene, Zhang Ziyi every day to tie sandbags on the leg, practicing for 2 months.

beat the play, Zhang Ziyi injured two times. One is his stick knocked to the forehead, she was deaf, but still had finished, Zhang Yimou ordered a halt to the pain we just buried his head

that Zhang Ziyi could not help tears on the side of the deputy director, said: "I have have not seen a person at the same time, flow six drops of tears, like a grape bead like fall. "You

late shooting, Zhang Ziyi also broke his left arm, but went to the hospital and found no fracture.

took a "dead" scene, Zhang Ziyi was lying on the ground, the staff holding her in the snow. She is so cold that she can't help shaking her mouth. One side of the deputy director quietly said: "Zi Yi, you have no lines."". Zhang Ziyi heard after laugh, and be buried in the snow and once you

" Kaneshiro Takeshi and Andy Lau in a world of ice and snow in the "Duel" you

risk is more than an actor, even the martial arts instruction Tung Ching will suffer. It is Pat Kaneshiro Takeshi archery arrows at play, after watching the monitor Tung Ching flew over and hurt his right forehead, but fortunately the monitor block, otherwise you will lose the eye of

Li Anpai "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon", the original actress Hsu Chi did not schedule, Zhang Yimou gave him recommended Zhang Ziyi. There are a lot of girls have to compete with Zhang Ziyi Jen that role, when she went to the audition, with Michelle Yeoh double beat play. The weapon was heavy and accidentally hit Zhang Ziyi's thumb, and his fingernails were flying. It was a severe winter, could you feel that pain?

Zhang Ziyi did not cry, she put her fingers into the snow ice, a few minutes after continue to shoot, and then hit the same position, she finally could not help but cry out. < /
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And as Wu Jing can play, "deserve" to take the actress.

And as Wu Jing can play, "deserve" to take the actress.

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