Is Dongyu Zhou in love? Hand over Qiangjing ring

Dongyu Zhou ZA

wangyiyule· 2017-08-10 20:15:27

Dongyu Zhou sun shine makeup

entertainment NetEase reported on August 10th the evening of August 9th, Dongyu Zhou on the social networking site drying out of a makeup photos, photos of her smiling at the camera out of the eyelid, hand diamond ring is to steal the spotlight, users have guess she is not in love.

Dongyu Zhou social website screenshot before

, Dongyu Zhou once in the sun on the social networking site a face without makeup, lamplight her skin white and smooth, with your hands in front of the hair in the back, eyes closed his happy smile.

" at that time, netizens have expressed concern that her photos of the pink stickers, a lot of people are guessing is hiding a sticker below the ring, this speculation has been confirmed, do not know this, Dongyu Zhou is not the sun shine when you forget put the stickers, or want to express what mean.

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