Jiuzhaigou earthquake, Wu Jing was forced to donate, has donated 1 million

Wu Jing earthquake Ya'an Jiuzhaigou

guanchazhewangzonghe· 2017-08-10 20:15:29

8 8 on the evening of 21:19, Sichuan Prefecture, Aba Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake, aftershocks are still ongoing. Yang Mi, Hawick Lau, Zhang Han, Alec Su, Hai Qing and other stars were made micro-blog to pray for the disaster, but due to the recent "wolf 2" fire Wu Jing also issued a document called: "pray for peace zone!

, but surprisingly, even with friends in the "wolf 2" at the box office on the grounds, in the micro-blog issued a "forced" Wu Jing donation for earthquake.

Wu Jing himself did not respond to the voice, but in fact they have … … who donated one million!

" according to 9, chinanews.com reported that 7 earthquake occurred in Sichuan Jiuzhaigou County of Aba Prefecture, one fund first time to start the emergency response, emergency mobilization rescue team to carry out disaster relief work, many entertainers donations to the earthquake stricken area in Jiuzhaigou by one fund, one fund star volunteer Wu Jing donated 1 million yuan, Liu Yifei donated 500 thousand yuan, Deng Chao, Sun Li and his wife donated 800 thousand yuan.

"forced to donate" people blush?!

and "wolf 2" the box office is high, but it is not all in one Wu Jing's pockets, so much involved in the production of the company, wages do not give?

, whose money is not hard earned?.

" by the way, Wu Jing not only just after the earthquake in Jiuzhaigou donated, prior to the Wenchuan earthquake and Ya'an earthquake disaster relief operations, can also be found in the shadow of Wu Jing.

media pulls some photos of Wu Jing involved in the rescue during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and Ya'an earthquake in 2013, from the exposure of the photo, when Wu Jing had told the police officers with anti disaster relief package, material handling.

", and the people's Liberation Army soldiers who live with the relief, live together, tired, lie down on the flower bed.

" was Wu Jing Jet Li as "one fund" of volunteers to participate in disaster relief in the temple, shabby tents stayed for a week, no media, no entourage.

Wu Jing and Yao Guozhi, relaxation, three actors live in a tent, when the heat inside the tent as high as more than 40 degrees. They are vegetarian together with monks, get up at six in the morning, drive to the disaster area, build tents, and send relief materials.

, especially in the week they were in the disaster area, the burning sun got a headache, and it was difficult for the disaster area to have a cool place. After a few days, the three men lost all their skin.

earthquake, several secondary schools, Shifang high school students also volunteer at the temple, Wu Jing spontaneously became their captain. Every day Wu Jing drove a van into the disaster area, during which there was an incident.

one day, Wu Jing drove to the hardest hit town of octagonal tents road sucks, when a bus pass, the mirror off the bus. In order not to delay time, Wu Jing himself touched out three hundred yuan to the driver.

but did not open how far, the bus driver quickly catch up, Wu Jing thought 300 yuan is not enough, the driver also to ask for money, the driver put the money back to Wu Jing, said: "you are so hard to relief, I can't accept your money.

a few days later, Wu Jing left the disaster area to work in Hongkong, bus drivers have been complaints, extortion relief vehicles, the bus company will soon be expelled. To this end, the people in Hongkong, Wu Jing specially accepted the Shifang television interview, explained to the bus driver.

in the 2013 Ya'an earthquake, the movie channel had assembled a 12 film crew into the disaster areas in Ya'an earthquake relief scene record the scene, filmed the "big love story" - such as the Ya'an earthquake series. Wu Jing is the director of a volunteer registration.

" in the same year. He is also the first film directed by micro film "my battlefield", the film focused on the earthquake relief special forces rescue forces.

, when interviewed by the media, Wu Jingceng tells about his original intention of shooting the debut. "I am here."
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