Yu Qian bought millions of BMW, to celebrate the 2 wolf breaking 3 billion at the box office

Yu Qian wolf Wu Jing New Zealand

tanzi· 2017-08-10 20:15:37

really admire Wu Jing's vision, limited funds, although not allowed to flow small niche, but the actor came here, there is one. Zhang Han said, with 2 little wolf washed up, Mr. Yu Qian played the "profiteers" supermarket boss is vivid, friends laugh at him to Africa did not forget the hot head, ha ha, it seems the stem Yu Qian teacher is head off.

" with the cold front immensely proud that his nationality is not Chinese, but when the largest evacuation roar: "I was Chinese" is he. My boss is really money faster than the book.

in real life is still very generous money boss straight, recently Yu Qian for his horse owners group purchase the New Zealand thoroughbred horse, to congratulate his friend Wu Jing's film "wolf 2" Chinese broke box office records, specially named "big wolf abraham". This horse blood horse 200 meters was as long as 11 seconds, might suggest that Wu Jing's box office wolf amazing rally.

" in fact long before the people to let Qian son brother wolf, broken 3 billion, Qian world star horse owners group will purchase a horse. That's what it means.

" in the name of the "big brother Qian Qian world star horse owners group" horse group consists of 10 members, the ten person is Yu Qian, Ma, Wu Jing, Liu Wei, Yu Entai, Qiao Shan, Yueh Sun, Pan Ming, Huangda Kazuro, Lin. Among them, Lang Lin was also one of the members of the Ryder horse industry.

is not very good horse, but look at the thoroughbred horse Title felt things are not simple. The jar (micro signal: tanziapp) specially checked, the purchase of "Qian Wolfy" born, paternal "man-I" (Pour Moi) occupation career 5 war 3 crown 1 season, the most glorious moment is to win the highest UK bonus race 2011 English Derby (Derby).

" and "Qian wolf" half brother "Eagle flapping wing" (Wings Of Eagles) also won the game in early June this year, the success.

maternal grandfather side, "Sha Biao" (Zabeel) occupation career 19 war 7 crown 1 sub 4 season, including 2 games to a championship, and was elected 2 times Australian champion stallion, was elected 4 times for New Zealand champion a male horse.

2015, horse owners group "also consist of Chinese rider Ma purchased 20 New Zealand thoroughbred horse, spent a total of 7 million 230 thousand yuan to 9468.6 yuan.

" has not been exposed to the horse's specific value, but for reference, this horse should be worth a lot.

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