What did He Jie say when the tears broke down and provoked her to cry with her?

He Jie kid Hu Haiquan micro-blog

tanzi· 2017-08-10 20:15:40

He Jie, the Ming He divorce out half a year. He Jie has never spoken in public about the failed marriage. It seemed that all the words had been mixed up in the micro-blog which had been looked upon as a declaration of divorce.

, after that, He Jie was certified as the "strong single mother" chief representative. He Jie is really a spell, not long ago also held a concert in Beijing, singing "please don't tell me sorry" when the tears.

is also a job for her to lose weight. By exercise and diet, she has lost 60 pounds. Fat friends, 60 pounds, ah, a child's weight ah.

" and the more important cause is, take care of two children. When a good friend wakes up, "Tucao conference", the suspect broke the news, He Jie divorce, the custody of two children to her.

looked at He Jie's micro-blog, and it was she who was working with her baby. During rehearsal, the son company.

, go out to work, so it's time to take the kids on a trip.

, such a high-powered forward, power source or child?. Only children and mothers who do not admit defeat can support a bump and bump mother and continue to bump into each other.

but is He Jie really happy and contented?

recently, she recorded a talk show, and chatted with some of Hu Haiquan's hosts about their love. "There's no pure love for human beings," says Hu Haiquan, a sociology expert. He Jie said, "but I believe in pure love.".

what is pure love? He Jie thought it was, the other side did not earn much, others do not feel suitable, but she felt fit is suitable. It sounds very like a marriage with Ming he.

", even if the result is not good, but He Jie did not regret it.

" at this time, the host to remind her, by the husband and wife pepsi. He Jie immediately retorted, poverty is not the first problem, the key is to see two of the three are consistent.

", and so far, it sounds like He Jie is still full of energy for his feelings. But suddenly, she said: "I won't get married. "

," id_imagebox_9 finished this sentence. She paused for a long time, and the tears were already spinning.

, and she explains why she won't marry again. Because two people were so in love, when the final end, this terrible spell fight at outrance.

, since a pure love, at the end become terrible, why do you want to begin?

, note that this logic sounds horrible. He Jie from the results to deduce the cause, because the result is not good, will deny the beginning, is equal to deny the existence of love.

He Jie, of course, can choose not to marry, and she will do well without marriage. But because of a fall, he would never touch again. He Jie was really hurt.

Hu Haiquan said the sentence makes sense, "He Jie, the feelings of two people, have you ever thought you also have the wrong place? "To know how to reflect, this is a mature attitude.".

", however, Hu Haiquan's words to the switch like, instantly turned on He Jie's lacrimal gland, she began to cry.

a little calm, He Jie said, wiping away tears, if two people can really love you for a lifetime, this card can not.

carefully stroked, He Jie's logic is still very contradictory. She doesn't want a marriage certificate because she believes in true love, without it, it's true love. But the problem is, she seems to love true love

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