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" has always been ridicule and born to have a fever millet, first launched a "have a fever" products: smart meters air conditioning.

is a surprising and sensible step for the crazy expansion of the rice eco chain. All along, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines have been called "three big white shirts" for Chinese families. They are a sign of family stability. Smart home want to spread, we must face the three major battlefield.

" this, air conditioning is the most representative of the spirit of the intelligent home appliance products, air conditioning can be through linkage with various sensors, to judge the work of the state, freeing the user from operation. But on the other hand, each family will be cautious to purchase the three pieces, then cut off the daily life, after all, a green hand millet can get a vote of confidence?

has a large screen, the temperament of dozens of products of different

baptism down, industrial design style meter products have been popular, gray and white color collocation, industrial design is simple, as long as the traditional Chinese or American retro you are not using the Home Furnishing style, intellectual tone should be unified meters empty form and your room is harmonious.

" regardless of whether you are willing to admit that, the NetEase selected meters and other massive shipments of brands, is to achieve a sense of design education in China, the outlet and the print machine such as intelligent air conditioning than traditional meters, all the boxes printed color trademark so much, even hanging on the 22 floor of it won't be seen.

meters launched refrigerator and washing machine, with small volume of the routine offensive edge of the battle and wisdom, whether it is air conditioning power 1.5 meters, or 95 cm wide body, have unequivocally expressed a desire to seize the mainstream market determination.

" the outlet to do is very wide, in addition to both the wind and wind to send about two sets of mechanical components of space, large air outlet can avoid large volume caused by vortex noise. The biggest difference

" the appearance, is a round piece of OLED lower right corner of the screen, although the same as the traditional air conditioning, here still is responsible for displaying temperature and wind speed and other details of the task state, but higher resolution let this screen can display more text information, screen style is more on science and technology enthusiasts appetite.

" and the other "big screen", appeared on the remote control, remote meter air conditioning from the Internet smart TV remote control button layout, reduce, and more set on screen.

" on the remote screen with backlight, also introduced similar smart watches carry wrist bright screen function, picked up the show, usually close to the initial use of very fresh, the only problem is that the volume is too large, if not long chin button below, may be more ideal.

" WeChat public number love fan children (micro signal: iFanr ), meters back to "background", to tell you the latest Mi's laser projection TV worth buying. Is

cooling fast and fast? Much noise?

smart meters air conditioning by Changhong OEM, Changhong in the traditional air-conditioning field is not in the first echelon, and this is also a lot of people on the quality of Zhi Fei air-conditioned places. In view of the actual performance of the air conditioner, there is a one vote veto on the final purchase decision, as we put it in front of us.

" smart meters air conditioning is called smart meters full DC inverter air conditioner, DC inverter technology constitute the most important indicator of this air conditioner. Frequency conversion refers to the regulation of the motor speed by enlarging the power frequency range of the air conditioning motor.

for example, the traditional fixed frequency air conditioner motor equivalent of a car can not adjust the throttle, the room temperature is higher than a predetermined temperature throttle pedal high work load, the temperature reaches the predetermined temperature completely release the accelerator does not work, so it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature, give people the feeling is sometimes hot and sometimes cold.

and inverter air conditioner like a throttle fine car, when temperature is to step on the gas, when the temperature is close to a throttle, small power refrigeration, the room temperature is relatively constant, the body feeling good.

, "DC" means that the air conditioner uses a brushless DC motor, which is relatively small in size and high in efficiency. It can effectively reduce the power consumption of air conditioning.

from noon yesterday, the air conditioner was officially installed and I got up this morning

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