Hacker threatened 30 days paralyzed the global central bank: the fall of Greece

Central bank YouTube anonymous attack hacker organization

huanqiuwang· 2016-05-06 20:09:33

< p > as relates to many people's financial security and the country's economic lifeline, so banking system is always designed impregnable, but it could become a some hackers challenge their own technology, the target. < p > according to U. S. media reports, international hacker organization "anonymous" (anonymous) recently successfully hack into the Greek central bank website, paralyzed after a few minutes to recover and on YouTube released movies, claimed that this just the beginning of the action, within 30 days of global central bank website attack. < p > the Greek central bank media consultant Spyros frangos revealed that "anonymous" to "distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks paralyzed the website for a few minutes, and the successful invasion of system security, but no data being stolen or destroyed, also did not produce loss of funds. < p > reports said, distributed denial of service attack is a very effective way of invasion, in 2012 the United States a number of large banks have encountered the same attack, resulting in Web service was paralyzed for several weeks. However, the events in Greece, in contrast to attack strength is very weak and more like a prank or protest, "anonymous" does not seem to steal information.

according to the introduction, the "anonymous" was founded in 2003, in order to symbolize the Fawkes (Fawkes Guy) smile mask as a sign. Tried to gunpowder to blow up the houses of Parliament in November 1605 the fox, though the failure was sentenced to die of hanging, but then the image is refer to the movie "V for Vendetta", become later against the government, on behalf of the idea of freedom.

黑客扬言30天内瘫痪全球央行:希腊已沦陷 "center"

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