Deplore! Before the earthquake, it was one of the most beautiful lakes in China

Jiuzhaigou earthquake Sichuan Haizi

shijuezhongguo· 2017-08-11 06:04:42

2017" in August 10th, Sichuan, ABA, Jiuzhaigou after the earthquake of the aerial scenic spots, famous scenic spots sparks sea dry, part of the two sides of Haizi cave, turbid water. Pictured aerial view of sparks sea. Photograph: Zhang Lang (Sichuan branch) / news / visual China

" also known as the sea Spark Spark pool, an altitude of 2187 meters, 9 meters deep, is located in Sichuan ABA Jiuzhaigou Ssangyong sea and the Wolong sea, blue-colored water flat as a mirror. Haizi is surrounded by thick woods, the lake is hidden in the dense green, like a glittering and translucent jade. When the early morning mist, Zhao early dawn, the lake because of the role of refraction of the sun, the water seems to be blossoming fire, tiny spots, jumping flash. Hence the name "fire Huahai".

" after the earthquake, Jiuzhaigou, known as "fairy tale world", became scarred. Jiuzhaigou Disaster Management Bureau issued 9 bulletin said, scenic roads and houses damaged to varying degrees, mountain collapse; spark sea 50 meters long, about 12 meters deep, 20 meters wide crevasse, severely damaged spots.

, after careful verification, have ruled out the spark lake.

" reporter from the Sichuan provincial government information office learned that the Jiuzhaigou scenic sea due to the earthquake generated spark gap, raw water has been discharged from Haizi, emptying, breaking risk does not exist.

" are the sparks in the sea before the earthquake.

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