Fans ran to Thailand to see the restaurant, and the result......

Thailand tour Chinese restaurant Huang Xiaoming

tanzi· 2017-08-11 07:09:50

Now what

broadcast program is on fire, which is not only the clothes trousers shoe bag starring to be you search the same paragraph, even taken place will be very popular, to shoot a punch station fans to travel very important.

like a lot of fans if you go to Hongkong, will go to the movie "spring Jiao Ming" had taken place to a same angle photos.

" and the "Ode to joy" such as before the start of the second season, Andy and general packet to Thailand Phuket Island tourism, Andy starts to look into a very luxurious hotel.

" and the show a lot of fans to Thailand after the time they went to find hotel lived, so we also enjoy the treatment of the Andy sum packet.

"shortly before my first half" broadcast also with the fire of a shop, drama Tangjing congratulation Luo Zijun group would move to a daily feed store to eat drink butter.

" series ended, the store also became everybody to go to crowded places, see the site map users pass back the parties, feeling all decorated with some exaggeration, but the store has been playing TV before the half cycle "" that is quite occasional.

"restaurant" in Hunan satellite TV broadcast the three period, is also very fire, in addition to show Zhao Wei likes eating canned luncheon meat hot up, they beat to this place like island with fire. All know that Thailand is Chinese people's garden, there are too many Chinese run to travel to Thailand every year, the "Chinese restaurant" to take half a month program, everyone is not only to the popularity of Koh Samui these places to run, but to Zhao Wei Huang Xiaoming their restaurant on the island to play.

" now like sea island beach is not the tourists must punch where the Raiders, the first place to go you is that the Chinese restaurant, a lot of friends on the plane to the restaurant run quickly.

" but a little disappointing is that we see on TV in the best of spirits to the restaurant when you go, found the house has been torn down. Ah ~ can not get Huang Xiaoming's greetings, Zhang Liang can not do the dishes, even if the whole restaurant did not see one eye, and finally had to lose in the doorway of the swing sit for a while, to soothe the mood.

ran all the way to Thailand is not seen in the restaurant friends are not very happy, look the people who know will stand up and say, they went in July as the island, is said to show finished this place on the demolition. Now the restaurant

looks not advanced, removed the signs, nor in front of the chair, even a little shabby, like a small town strip ordinary farmhouse, only upstairs four red lanterns and identification degree.

compare program in the restaurant, can only say that the teacher is a little late filter plus heavy ah. And it seems that in order to expand the area, even the stairs have increased several layers.

also want Tucao, it looks not like the beach ah, the door users shot out of the field is completely like cement vu, the effect can be said to be very buyers show.

" although not seen on TV like that, but so far to run a special trip, or to leave a shadow.

in the program we see in the restaurant is from the inside to the outside to a refined decoration, to tile walls, small tables and chairs and vase decoration is the program group specifically looking for people to re create a lot. It looks like a Chinese taste fancy restaurant.

" is an important place to shoot the kitchen, all refinished, like a large villa kitchen, clean and bright.

" to tear down a whole now is really a pity, now show the fire, perhaps in the restaurant to keep going
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