2 million 500 thousand dollars of pain! Meizu PRO 7, the first broken screen

Meizu US dollars Z

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-11 07:11:12

Meizu new flagship PRO 7 biggest feature than the back piece of screen, called "screen" it is the true color AMOLED retina screen, can display the weather, phone calls, SMS, envelopes, pedometer and other information, which spent $2 million 500 thousand to custom.

although Meizu injected a lot of high-end technology, visual impact and feel are a good standard, but after all, is a piece of glass.

micro-blog users @ Xiongben technology gives a look tonight ruthless photos, display 7 Meizu PRO Huaping fell back by thin pieces, from the double edge cracks taken throughout the small screen.

no accident, this should be the first broken PRO 7 screen bar. The students who start this machine should be more careful.

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