Indian defense minister said that the Indian army is strong enough to challenge someone backed by Indian media:

Indian army behind India expert

tengxunjunshi· 2017-08-11 07:19:51

, data map: PLA plateau exercise, self-propelled artillery to target heights, the implementation of the shelling.

[global times in India, Germany, Canada, the reporter Wang Tao short housing Aoki Global Times Reporter Lin Pengfei Li Sikun] "India thirty-third army troops to the border build-up" "India military ordered the border confrontation India side near the village moved away from India, some well-known website 10 frequently issued such alarmist the news. India's armed forces have been illegally crossing the border for nearly two months, and the Indian and Chinese armies have been deadlocked in the caves.

although India officials deny the surge to the Indian border, there is no doubt that the media is behind the hype. A few days ago, India's top will be referred to as "the peaceful settlement of disputes, in recent days, India officials seems to change the tone. "India express", "India New Delhi TV" and other mainstream media, 10 daily reports of India's defense minister the day before about the Sino Indian confrontation speech. India defense minister Jay Turley 9, said the armed forces of India has been strong enough to deal with any challenges facing India's security, and said India had been from the 1962 border war in the lesson. He said that India has faced many challenges for decades, but "we can proudly say that every challenge makes the nation stronger."". He said, "I admit that some challenges still exist, and some people intend to challenge our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.". But I firmly believe that our brave soldiers have the ability to defend national security, whether the challenges come from the eastern border or the western border".

, this is not the first time the military in India has been clamoring for war. Not long ago, Lavater, chief of the Indian army army, said India was preparing for the "2.5 line war". Jai Donatelli said, "India is not India 1962 2017". "The India times" said that although the Jai Donatelli did not specifically mention the long hole confrontation, but has continued for two months in the confrontation between China and India under the condition of his landmark speech "". For India clamoring for war speech, China Defense Ministry spokesman said that the Indian army who can learn lessons from history, stop making this noise dangerous war speech.

, India today, said the Ministry of defense intends to add an additional 200 billion rupees (about 21 billion yuan) to the military budget during the Sino Indian standoff in India. According to reports, in 2017, the government of India has allocated a budget of 2 trillion and 700 billion rupees to the defense sector, an increase of 6% over the previous year. Reported that the move is "in order to make the India army ready for war, to cope with 10 days of war."".

rumors for India long war of words and the media, military experts Fu Qianshao 10 to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, India has always had a knot, the 1962 short border war in India army defeat, several US brigades were annihilated, suffered heavy losses. Because of geopolitical reasons, India can buy weapons and equipment from all over the world. In recent years, India's economy has developed rapidly, and the scope of arms purchases has become even greater. Some western countries have been playing with India as a pawn. India now feels that its military power is stronger than in the past, and that it is backed by the west, so it has a larger tone. Fu Qianshao said, in fact, in the 1962 border war, India's weaponry in general is better than ours, and the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union both provide weapons for it. But what is the final result? The world knows it.

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