Indian media: Bhutan's silence made India tense

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huanqiuwang· 2017-08-11 07:20:20

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[Global Times] - global network reporter Wang Panpan reported the press trust of India and other media said Wang Wenli, deputy director of the Ministry of foreign affairs China sea division reception recently in the India media delegation said, "Bhutan admits Dong Lang the area belongs to the Chinese", "crossing the Indian army after the incident, Bhutan told us very clearly that the incident does not belong to the territory of bhutan. The Bhutanese are also wondering why the India border guards will enter China's territory".

India is the most hope of Bhutan out to deny the Chinese version, but has remained silent in Bhutan, Bhutan and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Bhutan Embassy in New Delhi did not comment. Bhutan hopes to maintain "balance" and "open neutrality", said an unnamed Bhutanese official on the 9 day of the India daily telegraph". Bhutan's escalation of the conflict could hurt itself and is desperately trying to avoid all this. The article said, India will not do "Dandang's staunchest ally, Bhutan silence against India, but a similar idea exists in many South Asian countries.

, the India Daily Telegraph, said the situation was not surprising, and many academics were opposed to pressure from India's small neighbors to avoid deepening ties with china. "We don't want small neighbors to deal with big countries, that's the root of the problem," says Phunchok Stobdan, a former ambassador to India". For these countries, both New Delhi and Beijing can provide benefits, and the alternative is not the ideal situation.

, "both India and Chinese media should be calm," says The Bhutanese, editor of Tenzing Lamsang, a commentary published by Bhutan's English language media, explaining its reticence from the perspective of bhutan. The article said that since the confrontation occurred, China and India media reports of Bhutan have a strange tendency. Chinese media have begun to attack Bhutan's happiness index, pointing to Bhutanese living in camps, while India's media have questioned Bhutan's silence on the issue and Bhutan's diplomatic tendencies. The

article says Bhutan is silent because it has nothing to say. India and China media should know that Bhutan is to avoid provoking the doings of any party, of course, can choose its leaders differently, inciting nationalist, but it is bad for China and india. Bhutan is a support hole, Lang problem does not collapse of the third feet, remove third feet, the problem will be out of hand. The author from the cause of the outbreak of the first World War extended to the current Sino Indian relations, between China and India have holes greater problems long, including the understanding of history, no need to pretend this is wrong or Bhutan Bhutan can solve this problem".

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