Re start he cut into the rural market by the agricultural stage, the number of A round of investment

Stage rural area investment

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built in life in the past two years exploring the violent transition occurred in the process of the rural market. From the money to earn too fast, feel that life is not a sense of accomplishment, to the debt, and then to get ten million investment, with his words: the habit of starting from scratch".

this time he will be the direction of entrepreneurship in the agriculture, the establishment of a agricultural stage to cut the import of agricultural services platform --- agricultural stage.

business ten years, Zhou Jian, tasted the sweetness of the first pot of gold experienced tour page site bottleneck period of transition for sale. At the worst of the company from 90 to 15 people or even close to bankruptcy, Zhou Jian told the small table, I know, this time will be able to stick to live".

not out as he expected, following the plum Angel venture capital and illustrate the potential capital joint investment of tens of millions of angel round of investment in July last year, after obtaining the, < strong > Agricultural staging this year again won the by Shun collar for capital investment, capital source, Chung ploughshare investment, illustrate the potential capital with the cast tens of millions of a round of financing, the ongoing B round of financing by small table served as exclusive financial advisor.


; at present, more than and 60 counties agricultural staging business covers Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan and other provinces.

unraveling like looking to cut the entrance

week built is a able to seize the opportunity to people. 2007 in Yangzhou by Raiders of the travel on the line to obtain source, docking accommodation and ticket service, revenues; see private detective industry lack of industry portal site, on the establishment of the integrity certification and secured transactions website for a private detective agency; feel webpage game market fire explosion established web games web site.

early money make it too easy, Zhou Jian for a long time that life without a sense of achievement. "The countryside is lag behind the development of the market, giants temporarily not to intervene, I after graduation, always wanted to do and rural development related projects, because yourself is through reading to change the fate of rural children, know that agriculture for funds have huge demand". choice of agricultural financial direction means from zero to start, looking to cut the entrance is the first pass.

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week built in the county set up outlets do a two month investigation, will own early accumulation of capital to lend to farmers and mining in the process of agricultural production may have financial needs. To collect the data relates to the aquaculture, farming, small business, catering and other various segments, Zhou Jian from the risk control angle has carried on the analysis to the various segments, he found combined with < strong > agriculture crops and finance has inherent advantages: first, the state of food crops has insured acquisition policy, price fluctuations. The second, cultivation of food crops have thousands of years of history, technology is mature, yield stability.


find grain planting direction, and Zhou Jian had split on the link, found that grain production in the future will be the four aspects have a lot of money demand: demand for land , accompanied by a reduction of the rural labor force, land scale is the direction in the future, which contains a portion of the money demand; scale to mechanization, after the land scale will eliminate a lot of manpower, needs to machine < strong> increased; agricultural supplies demand , such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides; demand for grain circulation of funds.

Zhou Jian was born in a village in Jiangsu Suqian, each home are feeling to the new changes in the village. "These years, rural labor force aging serious, often have the village the land contracted to others", the "others" is refers to those early in the city access to capital accumulation, and back to lease land in the rural farmers in the mass production. in the Zhou Jian view, these changes are hidden in a huge market.

transformation generated in the process of a group of farmers was the basis of capital accumulation, but these with a large-scale planting need capital and disproportionate. they tend to use the accumulation of early to solve the land problem, and agricultural prices in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of between, find funding to purchase agricultural machinery and become the shackle of the development process. The agricultural stage to serve is such a group of people, to solve their needs.

is such, < strong > week built cobwebs like from all segments of the industry find farming and planting in aiming to grow food, insight into the initial farmers on agricultural rigid demand, with the subdivision of the agricultural finance to cut into the rural market.

" rural road is bad "

done a survey of agricultural stage customers with an average age of 47, the popularity of intelligent mobile phone at the rate of about 30%, this situation is very difficult to get customers through the network. Zhou Jian in covering the business of each county opened line outlets, < strong > Customer Manager similar in o2o domain push personnel, responsible for the village to collect the needs of farmers and through the website to farmers show agricultural stage products.

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built agricultural stage is defined as" staging mall Internet plus financial + agriculture ". "in the rural market, financial demand has always existed, agriculture of the Internet is still relatively low, but in the right time will certainly form a pair of chopsticks, to work together to pick up the rural market".

previously, bank and loan sharking is farmers' access to the two main channels of financial services. banks and other traditional financial institutions due to the approval of complex, higher threshold unable to meet all of the financial needs of farmers, "the business personnel of the bank most is thinking of civil servants, went to the countryside to run business nearly a dozen kilometers, far four fifty kilometers, rural road originally bad, even in spring and autumn they simply do not want to trouble; and usury persists, the essence is the farmers cannot from the bank get low-cost funds helpless choice.

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agricultural stage of customers mainly from in three aspects: agricultural stage customer manager line extension, agricultural machinery dealers provide and government departments is recommended. Its biggest innovation lies in the agricultural machinery dealers into their own service system. agricultural stage and agricultural machinery dealers for cooperation, when farmers to buy agricultural funds are insufficient, agricultural machinery dealers to farmers recommended for simple process, low interest, unsecured agricultural stage. Dealers through the agricultural stage to get sales rise, but also to provide a public endorsement of the credibility of the agricultural stage. At the same time, due to the ability to improve the level of mechanization of the local government, the government is willing to recommend planting large.


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in risk control, agricultural stage to farmers' financial information and the scale of the land as the standard to evaluate the Shen please farmers willingness repayment, repayment capacity and security, develop a few million to hundreds of thousands of staging facility, farmers can choose according to their own economic situation and the harvest time quarterly repayment period. at present, agricultural stage of the audit cycle up to 2 days, after an audit by the agricultural stage and farmers signed a service contract and directly to the agricultural machinery dealers payment so as to ensure the risks are controllable.

rural is lag behind the development of the field, but also the giant who has yet to stop the market. Zhou Jian introduction, after the agricultural stage open market and obtain a stable market share agricultural stage has been on the line in the field of agricultural land and other agricultural stage of financial services, to meet agricultural stage of rural financial demand in addition to.

small table business class, the first class of entrepreneurs. Here, the early entrepreneurs can systematic learning the necessary knowledge and skills and entrepreneurship, participate in valuable entrepreneurial combat sand table, and star tutor face face communication, and a small table, exclusive of financing a question and answer service. More importantly, through the participation of entrepreneurs to join the small table this country's largest entrepreneur community, the harvest of friendship, to get to know all the outstanding entrepreneurs!

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