What's going on? Eddie Peng Janine Chang exposure romance

Eddie Peng Janine Chang Ethan Ruan movies

shenbashenyebagua· 2017-08-11 11:57:50

yesterday in hot search hanging a day # Janine Chang Eddie Peng #

" two people were said to be suspected of overwhelming public affair with

" in fact is the cause of Janine Chang sent a micro-blog, Eddie Peng forwarding & DARR;

goose, Janine Chang in the hands of the movie, it is Eddie Peng's latest movie "Wu kongzhuan"

", so "id_imagebox_5", that is, the interaction of friends?...!

also suspected relationship of "evidence" and a rumored video, two people together in the gym, Eddie Peng issued a "breath", Janine Chang shouted beside "nice" (Yi~~

and the muscle, poke pinched neck movement ~

that the relationship between the two is very good! But the "hammer hammer love affair" is far from spicy!

is associated with scandal, and Eddie Peng's "girlfriend view" video is also on fire...

[drama series 1]

heard that you were scolded by the boss in the company, "

BB", "id=," or "do you want to drink water?"

, would you like to go to bed?

, when I see here, the little Lord has been lying face to face...

[play series 2]

who calls you at three in the middle of the night?

, your father will call you at three in the morning? I don't believe it! I am

" I am not happy (hammer bed mhmm)

I — — —!!!

" I thunk you, after the night don't answer the phone?

... The wall was a foul boom! What an old girl's heart is!!

although the explosion of the Eddie Peng love really not stone hammer, but let the little Lord think he is really a bachelor!!! In addition to the early years and the Jolin thing, almost no serious admit love, but there is a pile of gossip girl but to which the network red girl Zhang Dayi!

" and "well done"?


and Zhang Dayi was known as the small micro-blog to admit

" with Zhang Dayi released the photo, made with really like!

" finally rushed out a statement denying the company "

in addition there is a big game, early Red Net: Maison de Xia, and Eddie Peng pass over the scandal, from a micro-blog interactive

" this thing also to explain, said Eddie Peng would regularly interact with fans what...

hey, West!! Eddie Peng! Can you be honest?!!! You see! This was approached to the outside with the opportunity... Ing

principal not smoked downtown! The big black Yi and Xia material is a grasp of a lot, today does not give them the chance to start ~ (baby if they are interested, the main message to Kazakhstan)

said Eddie Peng has no girlfriend thing, many netizens Hin they suspected that he was gay, which of course and he played a gay movie, the name of the movie
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